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10 Month Baby Update

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Camdyn is now TEN whole months old. What a crazy time. This is such a fun age – probably my favourite so far – and I’m so excited to share with you guys what we’ve been up to this past month. Click here to watch my full update on Youtube. 

10 Month Milestones

Last month, we had a rough go with Camdyn’s sleep. This month everything was A LOT better. We had much better naps during the day, and while he is still waking up 1-2 times a night, it is usually just to nurse quick and he goes back to bed. I really want to wean off the nighttime feeds, but Camdyn has FOUR top teeth coming in at the moment. I think that is contributing to his frequent wake ups.

We completed the allergy test for bananas and confirmed that Camdyn is not allergic to bananas! The doctor thinks it may just be a slight sensitivity. I have tried to reintroduce bananas since our appointment, but I can’t get him to eat any.

Camdyn will sign milk when he is thirsty or when you say the word milk. He will say da da, ya, and hi but he is not consistent with it. He babbles ALL the time! I think he is going to be a talker. He always tries to do somersaults, but normally ends up on his head.

We are back in gymnastics! The Little Gym has done an amazing job at making the gym a safe place for our little ones. The gym is great for Camdyn because he can roam around, be silly, and explore freely without getting into any trouble I am happy to be back with him.

Camdyn loves reading, swimming, playing at the splash pad, playing outside, giving kisses, waving, shaking his head ‘no!

What’s Next

I am currently planning Camdyn’s first birthday and cake smash photoshoot! We are also trying really hard to purchase a home to be able to move in before winter. We will continue to help our little guy learn to stand/walk independently, learn more words, and GROW! Two more months left until this little guy is ONE.

I hope you enjoyed Camdyn’s little 10 month baby update! Until next time, XO.




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