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11 Month Baby Update

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Camdyn is 11 months old! If you’re new here – every month I put together a little blog post/ Youtube video sharing Camdyn’s development and milestones. I do this in part to have something to look back on in the future and also for my readers/subscribers/followers to follow along with our little family! You can watch the full monthly update over on Youtube

What’s New?!

Camdyn got 3 new teeth! In the span of about two weeks, he got cut 3 teeth and has another one on the way. He will now sign “all done” and say “ah da” when he is finished with something. He started pointing this month which is my favourite! Camdyn points at everything and anything and I just love it so much. He will now wave “bye” along with waving “hi”. He will give his Dad high fives but instead of just one it’s always about 4 or 5 in a row.

Camdyn says ‘da da’, ‘hi’, ‘ya’ and ‘dog’! Dog is the new word of the month and he is obsessed with dogs. We have no idea where the dog obsession has come from, but he will point out dogs wherever we go and always gets so excited. My favourite thing is whenever we go get him up from a nap, he excitedly waves from his crib and cries out “HI!”. It warms my heart.

Finally – Camdyn went on his FIRST overnight sleepover this month. Connor and I had our engagement photo session, so my mom offered to take Camdyn for the night. It was incredibly strange to say the least, but it was really nice to have and mom + dad date night.

11 Month Loves

Camdyn still loves to clap. He claps for himself. He claps for the other kids in his gymnastic class. Camdyn is also so obsessed with books and reading. He is always pulling all of his books off of his shelves and flipping through them. This little guy is also ALWAYS racing around on with his walker.

A big development this month is that I have noticed Camdyn has developed favourites. He has favourite toys, favourite books, and favourite snacks. I mentioned that he loves dogs, he loves cars, he loves looking at other babies, and his favourite snack is goldfish! Some other activities that he loves is playing peek-a-boo and when we snuggle on the couch while I sing to him.

What’s Next?

One of the main focuses for the next month is cutting out the nighttime feed. I really think it has become more of a comfort thing for him and with me going back to work at the end of September – I would really like to cut them out! I always want to work on encouraging him to stand/walk independently. I always thought he was going to be an early walker, but he is extremely hesitant to stand independently.

We are also in the midst of planning his first birthday party! I am a bit disappointed that I can’t have the birthday party I had envisioned due to COVID, but our immediate families are coming together for a small BBQ celebration. It is going to be royal theme and I can’t wait to share photos with you guys!

Hope you enjoyed our little 11 month update! Until next month – XX.

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