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12 – 15 Month Favourites + Must Haves

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Welcome to another instalment of my baby (and now toddler!) favourites and must haves! At the end of every 3 months, I compile a list of my favourite and most used items during that time period. I have a full video on Youtube explaining why I love all of these items, but if you just want to get right to the point – here you go! Our 12 – 15 month favourites below.

Meal Time Favourites

At this point your child should be super comfortable eating finger foods! After C turned one, we switched his highchair to a booster so he could sit at the table with us. Around 14 months he started showing interest in using utensils. A lot of the time he just holds them in one hand and eats with the other – but it’s a start!

Playtime Favourites

Since we are practicing the Montessori Method at home, Camdyn’s toy selection is relatively limited. We did a lot of DIY motor skill activities during this time period, which I will be sharing with you soon! Be sure to keep an eye out for that future blog post.

Favourite Books

Our toddler LOVES to read independently. His favourite are the small little board books that fit nicely in his hands.


I hope you guys enjoyed this little list of my 12 – 15 month favourites and must have items! Let me know if there is an item that was your favourite that I didn’t have on my list. Until next time, xo.



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