BoxyCharm is one of the (if not the) largest makeup subscription boxes out there. But is it worth the $$$? 


I have been subscribed to BoxyCharm for exactly one year now. That means I have received 12 boxes from BoxyCharm. If you don’t know what BoxyCharm is – it is a monthly beauty subscription service that costs $21 USD a month, and comes with 4 to 5 (sometimes 6!) full size beauty products. If you want to try out BoxyCharm – use my link here

Since I live in Canada, I have to pay an additional $5USD for shipping. After the exchange rate – which varies month to month – I typically pay between $32-34 CAD a month. The value of the box is always over $100, so even after the exchange rate – the price is a steal! I would also like to note that I have never had to pay customs tax/duty on my box. I know when I was looking into subscribing this was something I tried to find out online, but I couldn’t find this information anywhere.


BoxyCharm is an extremely affordable way to grow your makeup collection if you’re a makeup enthusiast on a budget like I am. My collection has easily doubled in size since I joined last July. I’ve received at least 60 products from BoxyCharm in the past year – and that’s assuming I’ve only received 5 products each time. My total cost for a years worth of boxes on a month to month subscription is USD$312 (approx. ~C$396) which averages out to be US$5.20 (C$6.60) PER PRODUCT.

It is a great way to try out new products and brands that you wouldn’t otherwise purchase. Since subscribing I’ve received products from well-know brands such as: OFRA, MAC, Pur, Tarte, Dr. Brandt, IT Cosmetics and Colourpop. BoxyCharm typically does a great job of offering products from smaller brands as well. This is not only great for brand exposure but it allows the consumer to discover new brands.

Another added perk, is that featured brands often include discount codes in the boxes for a percentage off of your next purchase from their site. BoxyCharm also always does a ton of huge giveaways all the time for charmers to enter even more products from featured brands.

Boxycharm Cards


The only downside to BoxyCharm is that there are variation boxes almost every month and you don’t get to choose which box you are going to get. For example, in this July’s box the two main variants were a Tarte Setting Spray and a Crown Eye Shadow palette. I was hoping for the Tarte product, but instead ended up with the Crown palette. While I initially was disappointed, I ended up really liking the palette. The only reason I would have preferred the setting spray is because I have a ton of palette’s already.

The other downside is that sometimes  you get shades you don’t like. For some reason they always send me dark red/brown lipsticks. While I love a good neutral brown lip, I’ve received a couple lippies that were just too dark. Recently there was a quiz option available where you could select your preferences to tailor your box more to you. I have yet to receive a box since filling out the quiz, but it shows BoxyCharm is listening to their consumers.

Is It Worth The Money?

Overall, BoxyCharm appears to be the best beauty subscription at such a low price. Of the 12 boxes I have received, there was never a box I didn’t get use out of. Occasionally there are products that I didn’t use, but I just give them away. There are also groups designed for BoxyCharm subscribers, when many members will buy/swap products you don’t want. The group I belong to is Boxy Babes. It is an incredibly supportive and fun group for makeup lovers! So yes, I do think BoxyCharm is 100% worth it. You can subscribe to BoxyCharm here

Are you subscribed to any beauty subscription services? What are your thoughts? Let me know! XX.