Are you one of those people who seem to always have dark under eye circles no matter how much sleep you seem to get? (Sadly, apparently genetics play a role). Does it seem like no matter how much concealer you put on, there is still that tired eye tini peaking through? This is something I’ve struggled with my whole life, and I’ve finally came up with a solid formula that seems to work for me – so I’ve decided to share!

Steps to Covering Your Under Eye Circles

  1.  First moisturize the eye area by pressing the eye cream in with your fingers. I like that Clinique’s All About Eyes helps reduce puffiness and works well for my very dry skin. Allow to settle into your skin.
  2. Using an colour correcting concealer, you want to lightly apply the product with a concealer brush where your discolouration occurs. If your under eye circles are more blue, use an orange colour corrector. If you under eye circles are more purple, use a more peach-yellow based colour corrector. The reason for this is the colours are opposite on the colour wheel, and will cancel each other out. You want to make sure not to put on too much, just lightly cover your under eye area. Putting on too much product will cause your under eye area to have an orange or yellow undertone.
  3.  Using a concealer that is 3 to 4 shade lighter than your skin tone, you want to apply the concealer to the bottom of your bags. TIP: Hold a mirror straight ahead of you and look down – where you see the shadow of your bags is where you will place the light concealer.
  4.  Let the concealer set for 60-90 seconds. I usually use this time to do my eyebrows.
  5.  Without blending in the lighter concealer, use a concealer that is 1 to 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone and place in the remainder of your under eye area. Allow to set for 60-90 seconds.
  6.  Blend out using a beauty blender. My discolouration occurs all over my lid as well; therefore, I blend the concealer out onto my lid area.
  7.  Set immediately after with a translucent setting powder to prevent creasing and increase staying power.

Products I use


This has been my every day go-to when it comes to covering my dark under eye circles. Try this technique and let me know if it worked for you! xox