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5 Month Baby Update

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Ok, I know I say this every month – BUT I CAN’T BELIEVE C IS ANOTHER MONTH OLDER. It literally feels like just yesterday I gave birth to him. But no, I’m here with his 5 month baby update. Now he is rolling over, and ITCHING to crawl. And I’m itching to have another (don’t tell my fiancé). 

Every month I like to put together a “video diary” if you will, talking about the new things that C has accomplished in the past month. If you’re interested in watching the full video on Youtube – click here. 

The Rough.

This past month had some rough moments. The four month sleep regression was tough. There were some days I wanted to rip my hair out of my head. On top of that he was going through leap four. So he was clingy, cranky, and cried a lot. He started rolling over from back to belly which is awesome! Before, he used to hate tummy time but now he spends a lot of time on his belly. With that being said, he struggles getting back over. I think he is afraid, because he’s bonked his head a few too many times. So that results in having to constantly roll him back onto his back. Only for him to roll over again 5 minutes later. And repeat. All. Day. Long. 

The Great.

But there were also a lot of great things that happened this month. We started regularly attending playgroups, gymnastics, and mommy + me classes. C LOVES playing with other babies – well I guess more being in the presence of other babies. He loves songs, and bubbles, and is so happy, smiley, and always giggling. He has started being really affectionate towards me, giving hugs and (slobbery) kisses. It’s been so fun watching his little personality start to shine through. 

The Facts.

My little (big?) man weighed in at a nice 16lbs and 13oz, and is almost 27 inches long. Even though he is steadily in the 55th percentile, he seems a lot larger than other babies we’ve met out at playgroups. People are often surprised when I share how old he is. He is still (much to my surprise) in 3-6m clothing. I definitely thought he would’ve grown out of them by now.

C sleeps a solid 12 hours at night, usually from 7pm-7am. He only wakes once a night for a feed. It is GREAT. He eats every 2-4 hours during the day, but it’s more closer to the 2 hour mark than the 4. I plan to do baby led feeding/weaning, so I have not introduced solids and will not do so until at least the 6 month mark.

I’ve got some great posts coming up in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out. If you insert your email in the space to the right, you can get notified every time I post a new blog! Until next time, XX.

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