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50+ Canadian Small Businesses to Shop from this Christmas

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If there has been one “positive” of this whole global pandemic (not that any of this is positive but) – it’s that it’s really encouraged people to support and shop local businesses within their own communities. I am noticing more and more that people are preferring to shop local when they can, and have been more than willing to pay a little bit more for better customer service, a more personal shopping experience, and putting that money back within their own community (instead of giving it to Jeff Bezos who let’s be honest – really doesn’t need it). There is definitely a time and place for Amazon. It has made shopping a lot more accessible for people and I can recognize that.

I challenge you to purchase even just 1 or 2 items from a Canadian small business this Christmas. I’ve compiled a large list of Canadian small businesses all over the country in a wide variety of categories to help make this challenge just a little bit easier for you! Let me know if you end up shopping any of these small businesses this holiday season.

Disclaimer: I will put an asterisk * indicating whether or not I have personally purchased from this small business or not. A lot of these businesses came recommended from my followers or businesses I have met through my own small business!

TIP for navigating this guide: search by location, or item if you are looking for something specific!


Knitted Sweater + Toque from Piper’s Closet


Peach & Watermelon silk scrunchie with acrylic scrunchie stand from Beyond Scrunchies
Rainbow Earrings from Little Buddy Studio
  • Peaches and Palms (London, ON): Handcrafted polymer clay earrings, hair things & home goods

Children’s Play Things

Toy Camera from Lion’s Play Den
  • Little Wonders Co (Burlington, ON): Play-dough & sensory kits
  • Monte Monkey (London, ON): (of course I had to include my own small business!) Wooden toys & sensory play kits
Wooden Rainbow Stacker from Monte Monkey
  • My Little One’s Design (Windsor, ON): Custom teethers, pacifier clips, rattles, and baby gyms
  • Sensory Loft (Toronto, ON): Sensory play kits encouraging self-directed play
  • Shop EmmyLou * (Kitchener, ON): Open-ended wooden toys educating children about inclusivity and diversity


50+ Canadian Small Businesses

I hope you all enjoyed this little list of 50+ small Canadian businesses to support this holiday season! Are you a small Canadian business and wanting to be added to our list? Let us know what you’re about!


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