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8 Adorable 1st Birthday Party Theme Ideas

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CAMDYN IS ONE! Two weekends ago, I hosted a small outdoor BBQ birthday party for Camdyn with our immediate family members. I was pretty disappointed that COVID had ruined the 1st birthday party I had been envisioning since I was pregnant. But all in all, it turned out really well.  I love party planning, DIYs, and celebrations – I think it is so fun! I will definitely be one of those moms that go all out every year that my children will let me.

His birthday party theme was the Royal One. We went with a navy blue and gold colour scheme. We also incorporated some stars and he wore a little royal outfit (crown included). I went with this theme because I had purchased an outfit from BrazzyBears off of Etsy for his cake smash, and I wanted to re-use it.

I decided to put together a blog post of some of my favourite 1st birthday party theme ideas. Not only will you find theme ideas here, I also shared some of my favourite photos for inspiration. Let me know what your favourite theme was in the comment section!

The Royal One

Of course I had to include photos of our own birthday party in this post! I also share some of the inspiration for our party decor. The colours can easily be customized to include your child’s favourite colour. You can incorporate the prince/princess idea into a royal birthday party as well. Using crowns and gold accents is an easy way to create this theme.

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Wild One

Wild One is a pretty common 1st birthday party theme (for good reason). I am actually thinking we will do a Two Wild jungle theme for his birthday next year. There are a couple of different directions you can take this theme. You could either do jungle wild or forest wild. You can incorporate a lot of nature elements and animals, and just make it very rustic.

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One in a Melon

I love the watermelon trend that is going around right now. If I ever have a little girl, I will very likely throw her a watermelon themed party. This is such a great theme for a summer birthday. I love the pink and green colour combo – it makes for a very bright, fun birthday party theme.

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It’s Fun to BEE One

Bumble bees are a super fun gender neutral birthday theme in the case of boy/girl twins. Or even for a parent who wants to move away from the traditional blue/pink themes. The bright, yellow colours can also make for a great summer birthday party theme. You can include yellow food + beverages, yellow flowers, and little honey bee decor. You can also definitely include a lot of nature elements into your decor.

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh is a classic childhood character that parents love. This was actually the theme I had originally planned for Camdyn’s birthday pre-COVID. You can take a lot of the bee themed decor and include your favourite Winnie the Pooh characters. I love the combination of the yellow and light blue colour scheme! There is also a lot of fun food options for this theme.

Winter ONEderland

This is a great winter birthday theme that you can have a lot of fun with. You can incorporate white, silver, and blue for a frosty colour scheme. Decorations can include snowflakes, decorative trees, polar bears, snowmen.. The options are endless! I came across a lot of fun themed food ideas for the Winter ONEderland theme.

ONEderland (Peter Pan/Alice in Wonderland)

Like the idea of a ONEderland theme but have a spring/summer/fall baby? Don’t fret! You can create your own Disney inspired ONEderland at home. You can either go the tea party, kooky and fun decor route for an Alice in Wonderland look OR stay young with Peter Pan and the crew. Both are such fun choices for Disney loving parents.

Mickey Mouse

Another classic childhood favourite theme is Mickey Mouse! The red, yellow, and black colour scheme is super fun and has endless decor potential. Of course, you can incorporate Mickey ears and the little Mickey overalls for a complete look. I would definitely like to do a Mickey Mouse theme at some point,.

I hope this blog post helped inspire you while planning your little one’s 1st birthday party. Let me know in the comments which one was your favourite. Or tell me what themes I missed! Until next time, XX

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