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9 Month Baby Update

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Camdyn has now been in my arms for as long as he was in my belly! It has been a crazy nine months and I can’t believe I am 12 weeks away from being the mom of a ONE YEAR OLD. This past month definitely had it’s ups and downs! You can watch the full 9 month baby update PLUS a postpartum update over on Youtube.

The Rough

The eight month sleep regression is no joke! Camdyn has always been (overall) a really good sleeper. But this past month he has been fighting nighttime sleep, fighting naps, and waking up 2-3 times a night. And when he is up, he is sometimes up for up to an hour. We’ve been trying really hard to stick to a 2-3-4 hour schedule. This means that his first nap is 2 hours after he wakes up, his second nap is 3 hours after his first nap, and bedtime is 4 hours after he wakes up from his second nap. This has worked really well so far because his naps are consistently longer than 30-40 minutes (YAY). Now if we could just stop with the consistent night wakings….

He is also really attached to Connor and I and will cry whenever we leave the room. He doesn’t stray very far from us and when he is around other people he is always watching to make sure one of us is around. It is tough because we tried so hard to socialize him early on in order to avoid this, but COVID had other plans.

I mentioned previously that we think Camdyn may have an allergy to bananas. After talking with our Doctor, she decided to consult with an allergist who recommended we get Camdyn tested. I guess individuals who are allergic to bananas are at a heightened risk for a latex allergy. So that will be happening in the coming weeks.

The Great

Camdyn is seriously the happiest little guy on the planet. We went to the zoo for the first time, tried out the splash pad, and have spent a lot of time going for picnics in the park. He loves going for rides in his wagon, giving kisses, and exploring. He seriously is such a nosy little man, always wanting to see what other people are doing. One of my favourite developments this past month is that Camdyn loves sitting for stories now. He will even sit and play with books independently now.

His biggest accomplishment this month was taking assisted steps with his walker! He can get up and down independently, and he sooo wants to stand independently but he is still trying to figure out his balance. He can sign milk, claps when you say ‘good job’, and says ‘da da’ all. the. time.

Camdyn is such a happy little guy and I love watching his personality blossom. Watching him play and seeing how his little mind works is one of my favourite activities. But I cry every once in a while because I miss my little squish!!!!

I hope you enjoyed Camdyn’s 9 month baby update! Until next time! XX

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