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August 2018 BoxyCharm Review

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I’m going to start off by saying my August 2018 BoxyCharm arrived SUPER quick. Because I live in Canada, I find that it normally takes until closer to the end of the month for the box to arrive. But not this month – it arrived on the 9th! This month we received 6 products.

I was really excited about the Laura Lee Los Angeles palette and the Smashbox Lipstick spoilers. Boxycharm  gave an email spoiler to charmers that was specific to their box so I also knew I was receiving the House of Lashes falsies as one of my variants.


I received the Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick in the shade Totes. This colour is different than anything I currently own, so I was excited when I first swatched it. I normally prefer liquid lipsticks; however, I’ve been loving the Kylie Cosmetics matte bullet lipsticks recently so I was willing to give this one a try.

This lipstick applies super creamy on the lips and takes a little bit to dry down matte. Once it does dry down, it is comfortable but it is not 100% transfer proof.  This lipstick would be perfect for people who don’t enjoy super drying, matte lipsticks. However, I wear Invisalign so I need a lipstick that I know won’t budge. So I won’t be getting much use from this lipstick but if I wasn’t wearing Invisalign I probably would.

COST: US$21.00 / C$25.00


August Boxycharm - Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks

The next product in the box were these Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks. I love receiving masks in BoxyCharm boxes. It’s not a product I would normally go out of my way to purchase on my own. I also love that Boxycharm – at least in my experience – gives charmers multiple packs to test out. This way you can really test out the effectiveness of the product.

The instructions say to wear for 15-20 minutes, and then tap in the access product. These eye masks stay on the eye really well compared to other eye masks I have used in the past. After one use, my under eye area felt tighter and more moisturized. I look forward to using the other two masks and seeing if they make a noticeable difference in the appearance of my under eye area.

COST: US$13.00 / C$30.00 (for six)


I was really excited about this palette for two reasons. One, I was really excited to get the opportunity to try Laura Lee’s brand. Secondly, it was awesome to get a palette with these colours. These colours are unique and fun, and even though these colours may not be for everyone – its good to have a palette like this in your collection to at least experiment with.

I was extremely disappointed in these shadows. They weren’t as vibrant as I had hoped for.  I played around with the shades on my eyes for a little bit and had difficulty getting them to build and blend out well. Now I am no expert when it comes to working with eyeshadow but I don’t normally have a hard time using shadows. The shades Bottoms Up and Hungover (pink and purple) were so unique – but they made a mess.

I am planning to play around with these a little more and see if I can get them to work, but I don’t see myself using this palette much.

UPDATE: As I was looking on the Laura Lee Los Angeles website for prices I came across a warning that states Drank, Hungover, and Bottoms Up contain a colorant that is not approved for the eye area in the US, Canada, or Brazil?!

COST: US$19.00 / ~ C$25.00


August Boxycharm - Bang Beauty Gel Liner in Chocolate

I have never heard of Bang Beauty before and was excited to receive a product from a new brand; however, I was disappointed in the colour of this liner. I don’t like brown eyeliner. But I did see on my Boxy Babes facebook group that other people were using it as brow pomade, so instead of wasting it I decided to give it a try.

I don’t usually gravitate towards brow pomade’s because  I find them harder to work with, but I absolutely love this as a pomade! I’m not sure if having my brows waxed recently made it easier to work with, but I had no trouble applying this to my brows. I actually loved the colour on my brows as well. I will definitely continue to use this.

COST: US$22.00 / ~C$29.00


August Boxycharm - HOL in Bombshell

I was disappointed when I got the spoiler email from Boxycharm revealing that one of my variant products were these House of Lashes lashes in Bombshell. I don’t usually wear falsies unless I’m going out – which is almost never. In fact – I just used the PUR lashes we received in the August 2017  (1 year ago!) this past week. They don’t strike me as amazingly beautiful either, they’re just okay.

COST: US$9.00 / C$11.75


August Boxycharm - Adesse Cuticle Oil

I really dislike receiving nail products in my BoxyCharm boxes. I get my nails done professionally every other week; therefore, I don’t have a use for them. Luckily this is only the second time I’ve received a nail product since I’ve been subscribed to BoxyCharm. I recognize that I am not the norm when it comes to being able to get my nails done so often; however, it was still disappointing.

The cuticle oil smells nice and appears to do it’s job of hydrating the cuticles. I can use this between appointments when my cuticles are really dry. Not the worst product but definitely not my favourite.

COST: US$18.00 / ~ C$23.50


Honestly, I am overall really disappointed in my August 2018 BoxyCharm. In the year that I have been subscribed this has never happened. But I can really only see myself using the gel liner (as a pomade) and the eye masks.

The total value of this box was US$102 / approximately C$130.00. There were other variants of the box that received Becca Cosmetics primers and Tarte mascara and I definitely would’ve preferred that over the box I received. Hopefully September’s is a little better – it’s the first month of Boxy Luxe so I am looking forward to that.

Did you like your Boxycharm box this month? Let me know!
Until next time…. XX



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