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Baby Boy 6-9M Clothing Haul

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We doesn’t love a good baby clothing haul?! Probably one of the best parts of being a parent is getting to buy little outfits for your child. I recently cleaned out C’s dresser, packing away all of his 0-3m outfits and took an inventory of his 6-9m outfits. For the first few sizes, we had been gifted a lot of items and didn’t really need to purchase much. But we have reached that stage where there are fewer and fewer items in the bigger sizes. 

In order to avoid having to scramble and race to the store when C all of a sudden grows out of 3-6m clothing (which I feel like will be in a month or so? But I don’t know.), I took a little inventory of what we had and what we needed – and hit the store! 

I asked over on my instagram stories if people enjoyed watching clothing hauls and the answer was 100% YES! Check out my full baby boy clothing haul over on Youtube. You can check out some of my favourite items I purchased down below! 

Some of the items in this haul were gifted to us, but were too cute not to share. Since babies grow so quickly out of each size, I like to first check out Once Upon A Child and see what they have in stock. Other places I like to find cute but affordable clothing are: Carter’s (during sales), H&M (during sales), Walmart, Costco + Winners!

Do you like clothing hauls?! Check out my gender neutral clothing haul. Until next time – XX

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