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Baby Names I Loved, But Didn’t Use

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Naming a baby is SUPER tricky. Whatever name you give them, they will have (presumably) for the rest of their life. That’s a lot of pressure. I had a few standards when it came to naming my child, which I will share with you below. But if you want just want to find out 10 of the baby names I loved, but didn’t use – head on over to Youtube

Our Standards

First and foremost, I knew that I didn’t want a super popular name. I didn’t want my child to be one of many in a classroom. However, since becoming a mom and joining numerous mom groups on Facebook – I have since realized baby names have gotten real WILD. A lot of the more traditional names I liked that were common when I was growing up, would probably be less so now. On the other hand, I didn’t want a name that was super out of left field either.

Secondly, I wanted a name that started with a C or a K to keep with our “family theme”. I am big on names that go together. It also helped that Camdyn was my top boy name and Connor liked it as well so we never actually discussed a single other boy name. If we ever have any more children going forward, we have to keep with the trend.

The other thing was that I knew I wanted to keep the name we chose a secret. The only people that knew the names that we picked out were my parents and my best friend. This was because I didn’t care enough to hear other people’s opinions on the names we chose. I didn’t want anyone to try and talk me out of a name that I really loved, or tell me that they associated the name I loved with someone that they hated. I also thought that it was pretty funny when people got frustrated that they didn’t know the sex OR the names we chose.

How We Chose

Like I mentioned above, Camdyn was the only name we ever discussed. The only thing that we couldn’t agree at first on was the spelling. Connor preferred Camden and me, Camdyn. And clearly, I won. My main reason for the spelling was that I say his name with a ‘dyn’ rather than a ‘den’. Plus I liked the look of a Y better.

A girl name on the other hand, was TOUGH. We couldn’t seem to be able to agree on a name. Once one of us would come around to a name, the other (usually me) was now second guessing it. We’ve continued to keep our girl name private just in case we ever have a girl in the future. It’ll be interesting if we actually stick with this name next time around. If we have another boy, we are in trouble. Because there is no name I love as much as I love Camdyn. I can only hope he grows up loving his name as much as I do.

What types of names do you prefer? Traditional or unique? What are you thoughts on the names that we chose? Until next time. XX



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