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Best of Gender Neutral Baby Clothing… H&M & Carter’s

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UPDATE: Aug 7/2019: Watch my gender neutral baby clothing haul video here.

The hardest thing so far about not knowing the sex of my baby is trying to find gender neutral clothing. Pretty much every single store is set up the same way – boys clothing on one side, girls clothing on the other. Of course we could wait until baby is born to buy clothes, but shopping is part of the fun of pregnancy (in my opinion anyways)!

So far H&M has been my favourite place to shop for gender neutral baby clothing. Actually their clothing in general is so adorable, trendy, and reasonably priced. All of the items I ordered arrived in good condition and appear to be of good quality. At the end of the day, babies go through clothing quickly, so I was looking for a good balance between price and quality.

From the reviews that I have read, it seems as though H&M baby clothing runs a little bit on the larger side. I tried to order a variety of items and sizes in order to have some options. I didn’t realize I ordered mostly bodysuits until they arrived, but they are just so cute!

Sleeveless Jersey Jumpsuit (4-6M) $14.99

Yellow is one of my favourite colours, and it is a very neutral colour. I just love this jumpsuit, and I thought it would be a perfect little spring outfit (which is why I bought the 4-6 size).

I thought about accessorizing this with a long-sleeved white shirt, and a little white hat. This jumpsuit is also available in 3 other patterns (dark blue/anchors, pink/polka dots, light blue/hearts).

Jumpsuit with Printed Design (1-2M) $6.99

Animal prints are another easy way to purchase neutral clothing items. I loved this little jumpsuit with all different kinds of animals on it.

This jumpsuit is also available in 3 other designs (dark blue/stars, pink/hearts, multi-coloured stripes).

3-pack Wrapover Bodysuits (2-4M) $19.99

I loved the look of these wrapover bodysuits. I opted for the yellow pack because it was the most neutral (aside from the plain white), and I liked the little animal prints.

We will accessorize these suits with grey, black, and white pants and sweaters. This 3-pack is also available in 3 other colours (white, blue, pink). You also can’t go wrong with the price @ $6.66/suit.

Printed Bib Overall Shorts (6-9M) $17.99

These little overalls are probably my favourite purchase of them all. Again, this is much more of a spring outfit but I couldn’t pass these up! I did notice this seemed a little larger compared to the couple of 6-9M outfits that I currently own.

I imagine accessorizing this outfit with a long-sleeved shirt (the colour options are endless!) and a little hat.

Knit Hat with Ears (6-12M) $9.99

I am obsessed with hats with ears on them, what’s not to love! So I couldn’t pass up this one with a little bear face on it. Unfortunately, 6-12 was the only size available. I would’ve preferred to purchase this in a newborn size.

I can imagine pairing this hat with a track suit/jogger set in the fall time. They also have a light brown/bear one, and a white/rabbit hat available.

5-pack Short-sleeved Bodysuits (4-6M) $29.99

Elephants are my favourite animal in the whole world and therefore, will be my baby’s favourite animal by association. So when I saw this 5-pack of body suits I instantly put it in my cart.

These bodysuits will be easy to pair with literally anything, because of the white/grey colour combination. Also @ $6.00 a suit, you really can’t go wrong. H&M offers lots of 5-pack sets in different colours, styles, and designs.

3-piece Jersey Set (1-2M) $19.99

Again – I am a sucker for little hats with ears! Also Winnie the Pooh was one of my favourite characters growing up, so of course I had to get our baby this 3-piece set.

The best part about a matching set, is there is not accessorizing required! H&M has a ton of 3 piece sets available of all colours, designs, and even outfit type.

2-pack Long-sleeved Bodysuits (1-2M) $17.99

Here we go again with the elephants – threw this in my cart immediately. I also liked that these were long-sleeved body suits, since our baby will be born in the fall.

The grey makes these suits easy to accessorize with trousers or leggings, coloured sweaters, and hats/headbands. Again, there are tons and tons of options of long-sleeved bodysuits in different colours, designs, and pack options.


Another favourite of mine for buying gender neutral baby clothing is Carter’s. I do find Carter’s to be a little bit more on the expensive side, but if you shop during a sale (which they have often) you can score yourself some really good deals.

2-Pack Pull-On Pants (3M) $16.00 x2

An item that we are really needing are pants! I find that pants are one of those items that are really hard to find in a gender neutral pattern. I found these two sets on Carter’s and I figured they would work with a lot of the items that we already owned. (Grey Clouds/Heather + Grey)

3-Piece Little Jacket Set (3M) $18.00

I absolutely adore this little sweater set with the cloud on the bum. We don’t currently own a lot of items that baby can wear over a onesie (sweaters, cardigans etc.) so I had to pick up this little matching set. Ironically, it came with a onesie that is an exact match to a pair of the pants that I had ordered!

Again, what I like about little matching sets like this is that there is no thought required when putting an outfit together.

Bunny Ear Knit Cap (3-9M) $7.99

As an owner of three bunnies myself, I love incorporating little bunny pieces into our child’s clothing – and this hat was impossible to pass up. I find that a lot of clothing with bunnies on it are pink, frilly, and have ruffles on them as if little boys can’t like rabbits too! (And not that little boys can’t like pink, frills, and ruffles – but that will be a choice we let our children decide as they grow up).

Animal Snap-Up Thermal Sleep & Play (NB) $7.99

As I mentioned earlier, you can’t go wrong with animal print clothing when searching for gender neutral items. This little sleeper was so adorable (and has bunnies on it!), and it also has little mittens that fold over baby’s hands. This *may* be on the list for the home from hospital outfits.

I’ve also bought a few gender neutral items from Costco and Winners, but both of those places can be very hit or miss. Where is the best place to find affordable (but cute) gender neutral baby clothing? Until next time, xo.




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