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December 2020 BoxyCharm Base Box Review

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Another month – another BoxyCharm review! Welcome to my December 2020 BoxyCharm base box review. This month’s base box has a total value of $149! BoxyCharm is a monthly makeup subscription that costs $25USD (+5 shipping if you are in Canada like me). Interested in trying out BoxyCharm? Use my referral link here.

This month’s theme was “Bubbles and Glitz”. Each month BoxyCharm gives their base subscribers one choice item in their box. For December, we had the choice between the Sutra Beauty Mini Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron, Glamnetic Babygirl Lashes, Glamnetic Bella Lashes, and the Ofra Cosmestics Pressed Banana Powder. Keep on reading to find out what products I received in my December 2020 BoxyCharm base box!

Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

I was so excited to receive a Huda Beauty palette in my BoxyCharm! I was a little disappointed by the colour that I received since I am not a huge purple eyeshadow person. The Amethyst Obsessions palette is a 9 pan palette with 6 duo-chrome and 3 matte shades in mauve and violet tones. This palette claims to have a smooth and blend-able texture.

When I initially swatched these shadows, the mattes weren’t very pigmented. But when I applied the shadows to the lid, they went on nicely. The mattes blend beautifully without getting muddy. The duo-chrome shades are really unique colours. They are pigmented and apply nicely to the lid.

Overall, I was really happy with this palette. I just have to make an effort to use it, because I don’t often gravitate towards purple colours.

COST: $27.00 USD / $36.00 CAD (on

Glamnetic BabyGirl Lashes + Black Liquid Magnetic Liner

This was my choice product for this month! Although I don’t really wear fake lashes, I was really excited to get to try out magnetic lashes. These Glamnetic Lashes are made from high quality 100% vegan synthetic fibre. They are described as being wispy round lashes that look natural and feels super lightweight. The lashes have bonds that adhere to the liner that was included in the BoxyCharm box as well.

I was a little nervous to test these lashes out. I was so skeptical as to how magnetic lashes work. The lash glue had a little bit of a weird smell to it. It was super easy to apply, and was actually a very pigmented lash glue. The lashes stuck to the liner effortlessly. They were super comfortable but I wouldn’t describe them as natural looking. I am actually really excited about these magnetic lashes! I look forward to wearing them in the future.

COST: $63.00 USD / ~ $80.00 CAD (based on the current exchange rate)

Tarte Maneater Mascara

Tarte claims this is a volumizing, lengthening and curling mascara. It has a soft flex brush and a lightweight triple-black formula. Mascara is one of my favourite things to receive in my BoxyCharm boxes because I will always get use out of them!

This mascara separates the lashes really nicely. The formula doesn’t clump and keeps the lashes soft. I am actually a really big fan of this mascara! I like the size of the bristles on the this mascara wand, I find it allows for really precise application.

COST: $23.00 USD / $30.00 CAD (on

Mac Cosmetics Matte Lipstick

Mac claims that this lipstick has a creamy rich formula, with high colour payoff and no shine matte finish. I received the shade Chili, which is described as a Brownish-Orange Red.

This lipstick really does have a nice creamy application. I would describe the colour as more of a true red, rather than a brownish-orange red. The lipstick dries down really quickly to a comfortable matte finish. It is also transfer proof! This lipstick was a win for me – now if only we could go back to not having to wear masks so I can actually show it off…

COST: $19.00 USD / $24.00 CAD (on

Butter London Melt Away Cuticle Exfoliator

This product is supposed to gently remove dry, overgrown cuticles to reveal softer, healthier cuticles over time. I normally don’t enjoy receiving nail products in my BoxyCharm boxes; however, I have taken to doing my own nails at home so this product will come in handy! After one use my cuticles definitely felt softer and more hydrating.

COST: $18.00 USD / $24.00 CAD (on

Final Thoughts on the December 2020 BoxyCharm Base Box

Overall, the December 2020 BoxyCharm base box was satisfying box. I like all of the products I received, and will get use out of almost all of them. The value of this month’s box was $149 USD / ~ $194.00 CAD! You cannot complain about that for $25. I am interested to see what BoxyCharm has in store for 2021.

What variation did you receive this month? Until next time. XO




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