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Four Month Baby Update

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My guy is four months old! I know I say this every month – but I CANNOT believe how fast time is flying by. He has gotten so big over the past month and gained so many new skills. This past month Camdyn had his first Christmas and went on his first vacation! Both of which were extremely positive experiences.


We have Camdyn on a wake-eat-play-sleep schedule. Camdyn is prone to spitting up quite a bit, so I like him to eat as far away from nap time as possible. He usually wakes up between 7:30-8:30am every morning, and naps four times throughout the day. At some point in the past month he dropped his fifth nap, because he started napping for 45-50 minute durations instead of just 30. Camdyn goes to bed roughly between 7:30-8:30pm, and wakes up for two nighttime feeds. He is great at putting himself down for naps, but bedtime is a little rougher. He will usually fall asleep no problem, but wake up at the 45-minute mark on and off for an hour or two. Is this that four month sleep regression they talk about?!

Camdyn’s wake window is only about an hour and a half long. Because he was born three weeks early, I find that he is a little bit behind in his awake times compared to a 40 weeker baby. I am hoping once we make it to the other side of this leap his wake window will be greater, which will be easier for scheduling.

We have got Camdyn involved in a weekly Mommy + Me group, as well as a weekly sensory/milestone development class. It is great for the both of us to get out and socialize; however, we are learning to balance this new addition to our schedules.

First Vacation

While on his first vacation in sunny Jamaica, Camdyn got to experience his first flight, first swim, and first dip in the ocean. Overall, Camdyn did really well on the planes. He is overall a very happy boy, which I think helps. He also loves loves LOVES splashing in water, so we had a lot of fun being able to take him swimming every day. It was great getting to spend time away with extended family. Traveling with a baby that young was very intimidating, but we did it!

Four Month Milestones

When we returned from vacation, we had to make the tough decision to transition Camdyn to his crib from his bassinet. I wasn’t at all ready for it, since I had planned to keep him in the bassinet until he was six months. But Camdyn is very restless and we found that he was waking himself up in the bassinet quite frequently. 

During his first night in the crib, Camdyn decided he was going to roll from back to front! Although he doesn’t have it completely down pat (he gets that one arm stuck underneath of him), it was clear to me that it was no longer safe for him to sleep in the bassinet. Broke my big ol’ mama heart. Why do they have to grow up.

Camdyn has been experimenting a lot with his movement this past month, using his legs to rotate his body whenever he is on the ground. He still absolutely hates tummy time, so we really need to work on finding ways to help him used to it this month. He has also begun reaching for toys that are placed in front of him, and likes playing with his feet. 

The Next Month

Into the next month we will continue socializing Camdyn with other babies, working on our grabbing, rolling, and tummy time. We also want to make it to the other side of this dreaded leap four!!! Check out Camdyn’s full four month update on Youtube. Until next time, XX.

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  • Alde

    This might have been the regression! I remember Lilly waking up every half an hour – that was a terrible time. Before that she was pretty good with sleeping. Anyway – we ended up sleep training and it’s been the best decision ever made! I bought this audiobook from about sleep training and just followed the given step-by-step instruction. The effect was beyond amazing. Regression was gone before even fully developed!

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