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H&M Toddler Haul: Fall Clothing

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A toddler haul?! First of all – I CANNOT believe I just wrote the word toddler…. But the clothing I just purchased does not belong to a baby. It is so big! The fact that my son will likely fit into these clothes come fall time makes me so incredibly sad. 

Anyways, moving on from the sad moment. H&M is one of my favourite places to purchase little boy clothes. There are a lot of super cute, trendy, and in-style pieces at a reasonable price. I wouldn’t say that it is the most affordable place to purchase clothing – but they often have lots of sales and promos going on. When I made this order, there was 15% off for insider members.

All of the items I purchased are in size 9-12m; however, H&M clothing runs BIG. Camdyn is currently wearing 6-9m comfortably at almost 11 months. I am anticipating come late September/October, the 9-12m size will fit. Keep reading to check out the pieces I purchased in this H&M Toddler Haul!

Cotton Overalls

First up are these super adorable yellow overalls with little navy blue elephant + star detailing. If you’ve seen any of my previous clothing hauls for Camdyn, you would know that this piece combines two of my favourite things: yellow and elephants! I plan to pair this with a white, navy, or grey long sleeve top for the ultimate fall vibes.

Padded Hooded Vest

Next, I picked up this adorable denim looking vest for those chilly, but still a hint of warm fall days. I really like the colour combo of the denim with the tan lining. Even the little bear detailing is just so cute! The quality of this vest is really good, and I believe it will do a good job keeping his core warm. Connor is a big vest guy, so they will be so cute and matching this fall. 

2 Pack Pull-On Pants

I love the colour of these pants – the khaki and dark blue will go with just about anything. The waist is stretchy and will be easy to get on. I also just LOVE the little cuffs at the bottom. These pants are a little bit more on the thicker side than I had wanted. But they will be a good option for when I want him to look a little on the dressier side.

Cotton Jersey Shirt

Here we go again with the elephants. How cute are they?! This little jersey shirt was on sale so I just couldn’t pass it up. The material is super thin – which I actually really like. Camdyn tends to run on the warm side. The tan colour also gives me major fall vibes.

Cotton Pull-On Pants

The material of these pants is exactly what I wanted for Camdyn. They are thin and perfect for a casual look. But I can easily dress them up with a cute little button down or golf tee. They are stretchy and also have the cute cuffed detailing. My only complaint would be that these pants seemed darker online than they are in person.

2-Piece Cotton Set

Camdyn has really loved playing with cars lately, so of course when I saw this cute little set I had to pick it up! I love this little crew neck sweater. The quality is great, and it’s not too thick. It will be perfect for the fall weather. I actually plan to pick up some more of their crewneck sweaters in the near future. The grey little joggers that came with the set are also cute and comfy.

Printed Rubber Boots

Last but not least – I picked up these ADORABLE rubber rain boots. I really had to guess on the size for these ones. I anticipate Camdyn will be walking soon and I wanted some good shoes to protect his feet in the cold/wet weather. They are a little bit on the big side, so I am hoping he will grow into them.

I hope you enjoyed these pieces that I picked up for Camdyn and got some inspiration for your little man’s wardrobe this fall! This definitely won’t be the last toddler haul you see from me. Until next time! XX

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