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How to Get Started with Montessori at Home

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Welcome to my basic guide on how to get started with Montessori at home! The Montessori method has become increasingly popular over the years. What started out as a child-centred method of education, has now been applied to many aspects of parenting. Montessori environments are known for being child friendly, fostering the child’s independence, and supporting their learning. While Montessori environments are extremely inviting, they can be really intimidating for parents who are new to the Montessori method. In this post, I provide you with some super simple tips to starting your Montessori journey with your family. You can also check out the video version on YouTube.

Take it One Thing at a Time

Once you’ve made the decision to start Montessori at home, take it one thing at a time. Whether that’s one room, one project, or mastering one skill – it will seem less overwhelming if you do it this way. We started implementing the Montessori method when my son was around 9 months old. We started by allowing him to pick his clothing. Then it was grabbing his shoes before we went out. Then we rearranged his toys. And from there we have been building on different aspects of the Montessori method as it suits our family.

Practicing placing and removing magnetic letters from a board

Make Things Accessible

Look at things from your child’s height. Place items that they would need at their height including – pictures and art. When things are accessible, it allows for your child to be more independent. Notice the items that your child reaches for daily. Then see how you can alter their environment to make that item more accessible to them. This includes: toys, clothes, plates/silverware, outdoor wear, hairbrush/toothbrush etc.

Bedroom change station


Simplify the items you already have in your home. You don’t necessarily need to start over with all Montessori items. Montessori dislikes clutter. So you can start by simplifying the items that you have. Get rid of the toys that are no longer developmentally appropriate, broken, or missing pieces. Then condense whatever items you have left. Consider starting a toy rotation. Toy rotation leaves a small number of toys out and accessible in order to promote creativity. By rotating your child’s toys, it keeps them new and exciting.

Toy shelf in our living room (from when our son was 9 months)

Include Your Child in Daily Life

The simplest way to start Montessori at home without changing your environment, is to allow your child to participate in daily life. As parents we are often hurried and in a rush, and do things for our children because it is more convenient for us. By slowing down, you can teach your child self care and practical skills from as early as 12-15 months. And by lowering your expectations, you can allow your child to help care for the home. It’s not about perfection, it’s about the process. Your child will take such pride in being able to care for themselves and their environment.

Helping prepare dinner

Montessori Resources

One of my favourite resources for learning about the Montessori method is the Montessori Toddler. If you’re pregnant and wanting to do the Montessori method, try reading Montessori from the Start. Some of my favourite Montessori Youtubers: are The Hapa Family, Welcome to the Willoughby’s (has since been changed to just Tara Willoughby) and All Hart. The Hapa Family also has a Montessori at home e-course. While I haven’t taken the course personally, a friend of mine has and really enjoyed it. Our Montessori Journey on the is also a great Montessori blog.

Finding Montessori Brands

An easy way to obtain Montessori items is through a play-based subscription such as LOVEVERY. I have been subscribed to them since Camdyn was 10 months old, and at the time of writing this have received 3 boxes. I just adore this subscription box and I honestly think it is worth every penny. You can read my full reviews of The Thinker and The Babbler Play Kits here.

There are also some great Montessori groups on Facebook where you can purchase items second hand. Since many Montessori items are crafted from high-quality, natural materials – they tend to last a while and have a high re-sale value.

Take the Plunge!

There you have it! My super simple and easy steps for How to Start Montessori at Home! This is obviously the most basic post you are going to find on starting Montessori at home, and if you are looking for something more in-depth OR have any questions – please know down below!



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