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June 2021 BoxyCharm Base Box Review

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Another month – another BoxyCharm review! Welcome to my June 2021 BoxyCharm Base Box Review (I know, a month late but June was a busy month for us). This month’s base box has a total value of $138.00! BoxyCharm is a monthly makeup subscription that costs $25USD (+5 shipping if you are in Canada like me). Interested in trying out BoxyCharm? Use my referral link here.

This month’s theme was “Dare to Dazzle”. TWO of the products I received in this month’s box were new launches, which is always fun. Each month BoxyCharm gives their base subscribers one choice item in their box. For June, we had a ton of choice! Subscribers could choose between the:

Keep on reading to find out what products I received in my June 2021 BoxyCharm Base Box!

Touch in SOL Pretty Filter Glowdient Makeup Palette

This is a multi face palette with gradient shade to glisten, bronze, and add the perfect flirty flush. The packaging on this face palette is super cute! The 5 shades are all in the same pan, which I thought was pretty neat because a lot of people mix shades to begin with. At first glance – I wished there were 6 shades rather than 5 to include a second, darker bronzer.

As I predicted, I didn’t really like the bronzer. It wasn’t dark enough for my skin and I am not really a fan of shimmer bronzer to begin with. The blush and highlighter shades on the other hand, were really pretty! My one complaint is that the glitter looks kind of chunky up really close which really isn’t my style.

COST: $34.00 USD / ~ $43.00 CAD (based on current exchange rate)

Isle of Paradise Hyglo Body Hyaluronic Self-Tan Serum

This was my choice this month and I was really excited because I had never used anything like this before. I have actually never used any type of self tanning product ever. I love the glass packaging, and I appreciate the dropper because I feel like it is harder to make a mess. This self-tanning serum is supposed to give a moisture boost for brighter, firmer, and glowing skin all over. It also claims to not be tacky.

Can you spot the beautiful, uneven splotch across my leg on the right photo?

This serum smells amazingly delicious. It is definitely super hydrating and left my skin feeling smooth. I chose to test this out on my legs were I have a biker shorts tan line from hiking during my most recent vacation. You are supposed to apply it and then leave it for 6 hours. I applied to both legs and when I looked back later in the evening, I could tell it definitely worked because of the dark splotch on my leg that ran across my tan line from a sloppy application. I think with a more proper and even application, this stuff will be great.

COST: $35.00 USD / ~ $44.00 CAD (based on the current exchange rate)

GlamGlow SuperCleanse Clearing Cream to Foam Cleanser

This super cleanser is a blend of three charcoals to detoxify the skin by removing pore-clogging debris, excess oil and face makeup. I have tried out a number of GlamGlow cleansers in the past and I have almost always loved them, but I am typically not a fan of charcoal face products.

The cleanser smells like black liquorice. The cream reminded me a lot of a typical charcoal mask in terms of consistency. What’s interesting is that the packaging specifically says not to use this product as a mask. I failed to read the instructions at first, and applied this cleanser as I would any other: directly to a damp face, and then attempted to get it to foam. It wasn’t really foaming and I was kind of disappointed, until I actually read the instructions which said to rub together to create foam in hands, and then apply to dry face. When used properly, this cleanser definitely cleans the skin. It actually cleared away some of the dry, dead skin I had. My only complaint is that it left my skin cleaning dry.

COST: $32.00 USD / $42.00 CAD (on

Aceology Overnight Lip Mask

This lip mask claims to boost hydration. I had never used an overnight lip mask before, so I was really excited to try this out.

It had no scent, and reminded me a lot of petroleum jelly. I found that it kind of tingled my lips a little bit. I wore it to bed, and when I woke up I could definitely still feel traces of it on my lips. It may have actually left my lips feeling drier the next morning. They weren’t dry to begin with, but when I took the mask off I noticed they were peeling a little bit. I will definitely try again in the winter time when my lips are struggling a little bit more to see if that makes a difference.

COST: $19.00 USD / ~ $24.00 CAD (based on the current exchange rate)

Vitamasques Biodegradable Face Masks

I received two Vitamasques Face Masks in the box – Glow Juicy Berries and Nourish Flower Nectar. Apparently these are the world’s first biodegradable sheet face masks. Sheet masks are one of my favourite items to receive in my BoxyCharm boxes because I rarely buy them for myself. The Nourish mask is a natural probiotic and adaptogenic sheet mask with multi-peptides, ceramids and flower extracts to nourish and repair the skin. The Glow mask is made with vitamin C, niacinamide, and a super berry complex to brighten and improve uneven skin tones.

For the purpose of this review, I chose to test out the Nourish mask. Mostly because I use a lot of vitamin C masks, and I had never used anything quite like the Nourish mask. There was A LOT of product in the mask, which was great because I could apply it onto my neck. Even after the 20 minutes was up, there was still a lot of product left on my face. It left my face feeling hydrated and nourished! The fact that these sheet masks are biodegradable is definitely an added bonus.

COST: USD $18.00 ($9.00 each) / ~ $23.00 CAD (based on the current exchange rate)

Final Thoughts On The June 2021 BoxyCharm Base Box

Overall, the June 2021 BoxyCharm Base Box was pretty good!. I wouldn’t say there was anything I didn’t really like – maybe the lip mask, but that is it. I got to try a bunch of new types of products too which is always fun! The value of this month’s box was $138 USD / ~ $176.00 CAD. You cannot complain about that value for a $25 box. What products did you receive in this months box?! Until next time, XX.



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