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10 Things No One Tells You About Labour & Delivery

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Today, I’m back with part three of the first time mom series: 10 things no one tells you about labour and delivery. Now, I am going to put a little bit of a disclaimer here. I had a natural, vaginal delivery and an unplanned home birth. Most of these 10 things relate to my experiences and are things I wish I knew before I gave birth. To see my full explanation of the top 10 things no one tells you about labour and delivery – click here

Labour & Delivery

1.You will feel like you are pooping when pushing the baby out: the sensation that you will get when it is time to push baby out, will feel like you need to have the largest bowl movement of your life.

2. You will get the shakes/chills after delivery: the adrenaline that will be running through your body after birth will cause you to have some intense shakes/chills. But this is a normal physiological response to birth!

3. The eye drops they put in babes eyes are used to treat chlamydia because of the war times: this was a super fun fact I learned during one of my midwife appointments. I honestly thought they put the eye drops in to clear gunk out of babies eyes after birth.

4. You are responsible for disposing of your placenta if you have a home birth: your placenta is an organ, therefore the midwife cannot take it for you. Now, if you had a planned home birth you probably knew that and had a plan. But you can imagine my surprise when my midwife handed me a bucket with my placenta and told me I had to dispose of it! Just something to note if you’re considering a home birth.

5. You will get a shot to help deliver placenta: all Ob’s and most midwives will want you to utilize active management in order to deliver the placenta and to reduce blood loss and hemorrhaging. They give you a shot of oxytocin in order to help your body contract and deliver the placenta.

6. Your body completely takes over when it’s time to push: when it is time to deliver your baby, your body will want to push during those contractions (assuming you can feel them). It is the most amazing sensation. But it isn’t helpful if you’re trying to delay delivery so your doctor/midwife/spouse will be there!

7. A lot of women complain of back pain in the spot that they got their epidural: even though I am an advocate for natural birth, I strongly believe that the epidural serves a purpose and that no women should feel less of a women should they decide to chose a medicated birth. But I also believe that women should be educated in the choices that they make surrounding childbirth. A lot of the side effects women are warned about are the extreme and less common ones such as paralyzation. But side effects include spinal headaches, a lower back pain in that spot where the epidural was placed. Some women even saying that pain continues years after she has given birth.

8: A TENS machine is a good alternative to pain management: a TENS machine is placed on your lower back and delivers minor shocks and is supposed to distract you from the contractions. If you have private health insurance (in Canada), your insurance may very well cover the cost for you to rent one. I know a number of women who really liked this option during labour.

9. Pushing the baby out will feel weirdly good: the relief you will have once the babies head and shoulders are out is immediate. The hard part is over!

10. The coating on babies skin is a good moisturizer: also known as vernix, acts as a protective barrier on your babies skin. Often, this coating is immediately washed off of baby but there are benefits for leaving it on. Ask your healthcare provider if they will delay cleaning baby off after birth.

I would also like to make it clear that I am NOT anti-medication/epidural (although I know it may seem that way because of #7 & #8). I just strongly believe that women should be more aware of side effects and others options that are out there – I talk more about this in my video.

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What things surprised you about labour and delivery? Until next time, XX.

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