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LOVEVERY ‘The Babbler’ Play Kit Review

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Welcome to my review of the LOVEVERY ‘The Babbler’ Play Kit. I have watched Camdyn play and interact with all of the items in this play kit over the past 3 months, so I am ready to provide my full review. I subscribed to LOVEVERY when Camdyn was 9 months old, so this is our second play kit. The LOVEVERY subscription box is a great way to get activities that are geared to your babies developmental needs. It combines both Montessori and Waldorf methodologies to create purposeful playtime. We really loved our ‘The Thinker’ play kit – so stay tuned to see what we thought of ‘The Babbler’! You can watch an unboxing of ‘The Babbler’ Play Kit here. This play kit is geared towards 13, 14, and 15 month olds.

Our living room after Camdyn opened The Babbler Play Kit

Play Guide

Every LOVEVERY play kitcomes with a play guide. These play guides are really informative and honestly a huge part of the reason why I love the LOVEVERY play kits so much. It tells you what your baby will experience during the next few months months, identifies the order in which you should introduce the activities, tells you how to play with the activities, and gives you additional activities outside of the box itself.

Slide and Seek Ball Run

The Slide and Seek ball run focuses on teaching your little one about object permanence. It came with 2 coloured balls for your toddler to push through the opening of the ball run. The balls were almost the exact size of the opening, requiring your toddler to use a little bit of force in order to get the ball down the run. The base has 4 different types of openings to your toddler can push, pull, and put their hand through an opening in order to retrieve the balls.

This ball run is beautifully crafted and such high quality. Camdyn just LOVED this activity so much, for the entire 3 month time period. He would push the balls through the opening and clap. He has also loved seeing what other objects he can fit through the opening.

Bunnies in a Felt Burrow

The Bunnies in a Felt Burrow focuses on teaching your little one about bilateral coordination and containment. At this age, toddlers love carrying objects around in containers. The felt burrow has a little handle to aid your toddler in carrying! Inside the burrow, there are 3 little rabbits. These will be great for imaginative and open ended play when your toddler gets a bit older.

I found that this activity was almost too challenging for my toddler, and therefore he didn’t have a lot of interest in it. The bunnies were hard to get in and out. He didn’t really play with this much, at most he would just carry it around for a bit.

Flexible Wooden Stacker

The Flexible Wooden Stacker helps your little one learn how things fit together. They have the option of playing the rings on the stacker, or in the slots surrounding the stacker. The colours of the rings are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. You can also paint the colours of the slots to help your little one with colouring matching when they get older.

Camdyn really enjoyed this activity. He loved stacking, unstacking, and putting the rings into the slots. This was actually the first stacking item he showed an interest in completing. He has always enjoyed removing the rings off of stackers, but not much in putting them back on. The fact that the rings are all the same size may have also helped.

Circle of Friends Puzzle

The Circle of Friends Puzzle is one of the most basic wooden know puzzles out there because all of the pieces are the same shape. It contains 5 circle pieces of varying sizing. Since a circle has no edges, your toddler can place it any which way inside the correct slot. Underneath the puzzle pieces are pictures of friends – fellow toddlers! The wooden knob on this puzzle is fairly large, making it easier for your toddler to grasp.

We got a lot of use out of this puzzle (almost daily!). Camdyn finally mastered putting all of the pieces away correctly around the 15 month mark. Prior to that, he really enjoyed just removing all of the pieces. I loved watching him problem solve when trying to put the pieces away. The next play kit contains a more challenging puzzle, so I am looking forward to watching him learn.

Wooden Coin Bank Set

The Wooden Coin Bank Set helps your toddler master fine motor precision. The wooden box came with 3 removable lids which I thought a super unique way to keep an activity fresh, without a ton of different pieces. The lids/the bottom of the box were difficult for my toddler to remove by himself. Because of this he easily got frustrated while using this activity.

The slot on the coin lid was very narrow, which was frustrating for my toddler. I had a DIY posting activity that I made out of a coffee tin that he preferred more.

Carrot Lid

The carrot lid and carrots help you toddler with planting, picking, and posting. When they get older, the carrots will be great for open ended play.

This version was definitely Camdyn’s favourite. He loved pushing the carrots through the slots and carrying them around. Again, he struggled with removing the lid independently to retrieve the carrots, which sometimes resulted in some frustrated throwing of the wooden box!

Posting Lid

The final lid that came with the wooden bank box, was a posting lid where you can create some DIY posting activities using at home items such as straws or Q-tips.

Bedtime with Zoe Board Book

Toddlers love books with images that relate to their real world. Bedtime with Zoe is a book all about the bedtime routine. The board book is a great size for toddlers and the pictures are appealing to them.

Camdyn really enjoyed this book. We left it out on his bookshelf for him, and he often brought it to myself or Connor to read to him.

Final Thoughts on ‘The Babbler’ Play Kit

Overall, ‘The Babbler’ Play Kit was another success. While there were definitely some items that he got more use out of than others, some of his favourite play items during this time period came from this Play Kit. It is still worth the $120 USD price tag because of how much use my toddler gets out of these play things. Plus they help him develop and master developmental skills he has been working on. Stay tuned for the next LOVEVERY review – which will be ‘The Pioneer’ Play Kit. You can watch an unboxing here. Until next time, xx.



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