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LOVEVERY ‘The Pioneer’ Play Kit Review

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Welcome to my review of the LOVEVERY ‘The Pioneer’ Play Kit. I have watched Camdyn play and interact with all of the items in this play kit over the past 3 months, so I am ready to provide my full review. I subscribed to LOVEVERY when Camdyn was 9 months old, and this is our third play kit. The LOVEVERY subscription box is a great way to get activities that are geared to your babies developmental needs. It combines both Montessori and Waldorf methodologies to create purposeful playtime. We really loved our ‘Thinker‘ and ‘Babbler’ play kits. Keep on reading to see what we thought about ‘The Pioneer’ play kit! This play kit is geared towards 16, 17, and 18 month olds. You can watch the unboxing of this play kit here.

Play Guide

Every LOVEVERY play kit comes with a play guide. These play guides are really informative and honestly a huge part of the reason why I love the LOVEVERY play kits so much. It tells you what your toddler will be experiencing during the next few months months, identifies the order in which you should introduce the activities, tells you how to play with the activities, and gives you additional activities outside of the box itself.

Race and Chase Ramp

This race and chase ramp helps teach motion and direction. It is such a unique little design – unlike anything I’ve seen before. It comes with two little cars that flip when they get to the edge of the ramp. There is a red car and a blue car, along with a red side and a blue side to the ramp – which can help your little one with colour matching.

My toddler really enjoyed this ramp during the 16 month range, but his interest in it didn’t last long. What is great about this particular item, is it is a great parent + child activity you can do together by taking turns “racing” the cars down the ramp. While the car design is very simple, they move very fast!

Community Garden Puzzle

This puzzle has a smaller knob on it compared to the circle puzzle that came in The Babbler play kit. The shapes are also more diverse, and a bit more challenging compared to the circle puzzle. Puzzles are a great activity for toddlers because they require a lot of focus to master. They are also great for language development and identification of objects/shapes/colours.

Camdyn mastered the community garden puzzle around the 18 month mark. He surprisingly didn’t show much interest in it in the beginning, but once he did, he actually mastered the puzzle pretty quickly.

Max and Nana Go to the Park

LOVEVERY board books are some of my favourite out there. They are such good quality, contain beautiful real-life photos, and are the perfect size for toddlers. This board book teaches about learning to process emotions. In it, Max gets hurt and is upset, but with the help of his Nana is able to continue on with his playing.

Around this developmental stage you will notice your toddler has started to develop some really big emotions and they likely struggle with how to communicate and express them. Books are a great way to help them learn. My toddler really enjoyed this book and around the 17 month mark began to recognize what a park is. This is really helpful because he will be able to relate that story with his own experiences playing at the park.

Threadable Bead Kit + Drawstring Bag

This threadable bead kit and drawstring bag helps your toddler develop their fine motor skills while using both hands. The drawstring bag is a great two-for-one since it is great storage for the threadable bead kit, but it also requires the toddler master opening and closing the bag.

My toddler loved this bead kit from the moment I put it out (around the 17 month mark), but he was easily frustrated by the fact he couldn’t open the bag independently. Initially, I would hold the string and he would place the beads on the string. Towards the end of the 18 month mark, he was able to do this activity independently; although, he still requires assistance opening and closing the bag. This bead kit is also great for travel due to it’s small size and packaging!

Wooden Stacking Peg Board

This peg board helps your little one learn about fitting small things in small spaces, and stacking. They are also a good introduction to counting and colours. The wooden stackers just look super beautiful on the play shelf!

Our toddler mastered this activity really easy from the beginning. I found he didn’t really gravitate towards this activity much though during the 16 – 18 month period because he wasn’t really into stacking. As he has reached the 19 month mark he is more interested in stacking objects so it will be interesting to see if he gravitates towards this more in the near future.

Fuzzy Bug Shrub

This is another activity that focuses on developing your child’s ability to work with both hands. It comes with 6 different velcro insects that they can stick to the velcro or place inside of the container. It is also great for language development and identification of insects!

While I found this activity to be a bit strange, my toddler couldn’t get enough of it. He loved taking the insects out of the container, placing them on the “shrub”, and peeling them off and putting them back. He would do this over and over and over. Unfortunately, he struggled with opening the lid independently and would often try and open it with his teeth, requiring adult supervision whenever he played with this activity. This is another great “on the go” activity due to it’s small size and built in storage.

Final Thoughts on the LOVEVERY ‘The Pioneer’ Play Kit

Overall, I am really satisfied with the ‘Pioneer’ play kit. The items that we receive in these play kits are some of son’s favourite activities to play with, making it 100% worth the $125 price point. Another great bonus about these play kits is that they have a really high resale value – so keep all the original packaging and parts and pass them along when you are finished!

Hope you enjoyed this review and come back in three months for the next ones! Until next time – xx.



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