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LOVEVERY ‘The Realist’ Play Kit Review

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Welcome to my review of the LOVEVERY ‘The Realist’ Play Kit! I have watched Camdyn play and interact with all of the items in this play kit over the past 3 months, so I am ready to provide a complete and honest review. I subscribed to LOVEVERY when Camdyn was 9 months old, and this is our fourth play kit. The LOVEVERY subscription box is a great way to get activities that are geared to your babies developmental needs. It combines both Montessori and Waldorf methodologies to create purposeful playtime. Keep on reading to see what we thought about ‘The Realist’ play kit! This play kit is geared towards 19, 20, and 21 month olds. You can watch the unboxing of this play kit here.

Play Guide

Every LOVEVERY play kit comes with a play guide. These play guides are really informative and honestly a huge part of the reason why I love the LOVEVERY play kits so much. It tells you what your toddler will be experiencing during the next few months months, identifies the order in which you should introduce the activities, tells you how to play with the activities, and gives you additional activities outside of the box itself.

The Lockbox

This little lockbox has four different types of locks to help your little one learn to problem solve. At this age, toddlers are so curious about how things work and are more interested in playing with things they find around the house than toys. The inside is hollow so you can place small objects inside and encourage your little one to find what’s inside.

Camdyn didn’t have a huge interest in the lockbox. He had phases where he would tinker for a little bit, but easily got bored and moved on to the next task. The lockbox would likely be more interesting to toddlers or preschoolers who encounter these types of locks in their everyday lives. This could also be a downfall for parents who use these types of locks to keep their toddlers out of certain places!

Count and Slide Ring Chute

The count and slide ring chute is an early introduction to numbers and counting for your toddler. Each row can fit a certain number of rings before they fall out. These rings are the exact same as the rings from the Flexible Wooden Stacker in The Babbler Play Kit. I don’t think that the four rings that come with this ring chute are enough, so it is nice that I had the other rings on hand.

Camdyn had a good bit of fun pushing the rings through the slots and getting them to fall out the bottom. It was a bit challenging for him at first to figure out how to get them into the slots. I think this is partially because he recognized the rings from the wooden stacker, and so that was a bit confusing for him. Camdyn actually learned to count to three during this time period, so this activity was really helpful for that!

Geo Shapes Puzzle

This 3D puzzle is a lot more complex than the puzzles we received in previous boxes. The puzzle contains shapes your little one is probably already familiar with, but they are nested within other shapes.

My guy surprised me and mastered the puzzle rather quickly. He loves doing puzzles which probably helped, but he was also very determined to solve it. While he doesn’t reach for the puzzle as often anymore, he reaches for it often enough that it remains in our regular rotation beyond 21 months. I was actually a really big fan of this activity!

Bea Gets a Check Up Board Book

LOVEVERY board books are my absolute favourite. They are the perfect size for toddlers. They also contains pictures of other real toddlers in super relatable scenarios. This board book talks about Bea going to the doctor, in order to help familiarize toddlers with doctor visits. My only complaint about this is that it came too late! Camdyn had just gone for his 18 month visit, and it will likely be a while before he goes back.

Camdyn always enjoys the LOVEVERY books, since reading is one of his favourite activities. I would say that he didn’t enjoy this book as much as the Max and Nana Goes to the Park – but I can’t say I blame him. I will definitely keep this on hand for our next doctor’s appointment. I wish they had a dentist version!

Quilted Critter Pockets

This activity focuses on matching and helps your little one with focus and dexterity. It has a wide variety of animals on it and is really great for language development during this time. It comes with a little string so you can hang it up on the wall.

This was definitely our most used activity from The Realist Play Kit. My little one had a language explosion during this time. Camdyn would bring the felt animals to us and identify them, and then put them back in their pouch and repeat. We hung it up on the way in his play area, and he still reaches for it often.

Really Real Flashlight

This toddler useable flashlight is perfect size for little toddler hands, and turns on and off just like a real flashlight! It is a great introduction to turning things on and off.

Camdyn enjoyed this flashlight, but had a hard time using it. He would turn the flashlight on and stand it up while trying to read his books. He couldn’t quite figure out how to aim it. He then discovered his nightlight was easier to control, and quickly lost interest in the flashlight. I have pulled it out of rotation for now, but will probably bring it back out again when he gets a little older. I think it is a great addition to a toddler bookshelf!

Grooved Pitcher and Glass

The pouring activity is a Montessori classic for toddlers. It is a great real life skill that helps develop hand-eye coordination and control. I was actually really excited to have a toddler friendly option for pouring but Camdyn had zero interest in pouring water.

He used the pitcher and glass a lot in his sensory table with rice. He loves scooping and pouring the rice into different containers. If we ever put water in the pitcher and tried to encourage pouring, he would just dump it or drink it.

Final Thoughts on the LOVEVERY ‘The Realist’ Play Kit

Overall, I am really satisfied with ‘The Realist’ play kit. The items that we receive in these play kits are some of son’s favourite activities to play with, making it 100% worth the $125 price point. Another great bonus about these play kits is that they have a really high resale value – so keep all the original packaging and parts and pass them along when you are finished!

Hope you enjoyed this review and come back in three months for the next ones! Until next time – xx.

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