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LOVEVERY The Thinker Play kit Review

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As Camdyn has gotten older, I’ve really taken an interest in the Montessori method. I’ve started to become more conscious of the types of toys he engages with. The LOVEVERY subscription boxes are a great way to get activities that are geared to your babies developmental needs. It combines both Montessori and Waldorf methodologies to create purposeful playtime. I have been going back and forth for a few months debating if I wanted to subscribe because it is expensive. The 12 months and under boxes are $80 USD every two months. The toddler boxes are $120 USD every three months. But traditional Montessori toys can be expensive and hard to find. So I decided to bite the bullet a give LOVEVERY a try. The first play kit that we received was The Thinker play kit – which is for 11 – 12 month olds. You can watch our unboxing on Youtube!

Now that Camdyn is reaching the end of the 12 month age, I decided I was going to provide my full review on The Thinker play kit. I’ve had almost two months to watch him interact with each of the items in this month’s box. There are definitely some items that he got more use out of than others.

Play Guide

Every LOVEVERY play kit comes with a play guide. These play guides are really informative and honestly a huge part of the reason why I loved my LOVEVERY play kit so much. It tells you what your baby will experience during the next few months months, things to give your baby, identifies the order in which you should introduce the activities, tells you how to play with the activities, and gives you additional activities outside of the box itself.

‘Animals I See’ Mini Book

The ‘Animals I see’ book contains real life images of different animals. Many board books on the market contain cartoon-ish style pictures and the Montessori method believes you should provide your little one with realistic toys and books, as they cannot distinguish fantasy from reality.

My little guy has a ton of little board books, but I notice he is definitely drawn to the ones with real life looking animals. He is particularly drawn to dogs – and seeing real life images of dogs allows him to correctly identify the animal.

Board books are also a great tool during diaper changes or car rides. They are also an item you will get use out of for a while. It seems most (if not all) LOVEVERY kits come with a board book, allowing you to build your collection.

Baby Avery

Baby Avery is designed to be as neutral and simple as possible. They can be used to identify body parts, prepositions, and teaching your little one to care for a baby. I had been looking to get Camdyn a doll, but I was struggling to find a simple one that wasn’t plastic.

Camdyn is particularly drawn to Baby Avery’s curly hair, but I find she spends most of her time just sitting on shelf. Sometimes I bring her along with us in the car, and he will hold her, but that is about as much use as he got from Baby Avery these past two months. I anticipate as he gets older and begins imaginative play, he will get more use out of Baby Avery.

First Wallet, Wood Coins + Big Spender Cards

This specific item could not have come at a better time. Just before the 11 month mark, Camdyn took an interest in my wallet and loved pulling all of my cards out. As a result, I now have a missing credit card somewhere in my house.

We got a lot of use out of this wallet this month. He would carry the cards around all over the apartment. He also loved looking at the babies on the front. The wallet needed to be left open since he cannot work the zipper on his own yet. He does enjoy getting to pull all of the cards out of the wallet. I find he doesn’t play with the wooden coins as much, but he does enjoy putting them in his mouth from time to time.

Opposite Balls

One of these balls is weighted and the other is light in order to teach our little ones that even when objects look alike, they behave differently. The look that came across Camdyn’s face when he went to pick up the heavy ball was quite comical! The play guide suggested introducing these balls in the bath, so baby could see how one would sink and the other would float.

Camdyn wasn’t particularly interested in these balls during this time period. He didn’t want to play with them in the bath, but he would sometimes carry the light ball around the house.

Sliding Top Box

This was one of our favourite items that we received in The Thinker box. You drop the ball into the hole, and then slide the top to reveal the ball. When I first introduced this to Camdyn, I showed him what to do and helped him move the lid. He needed a bit of help getting the ball into the hole at first because it requires a little bit of force.

It didn’t take long before Camdyn had mastered this task. And it entertains him for a quite a while. If I show him just the ball, he immediately will take it to the sliding top box. He also loves seeing what other objects he can fit into the box as well.

Pincer Puzzle

This was another favourite of ours! This little pincer puzzle helps your little one develop their pincer grasp.

Camdyn took such pride in himself when he began solving the pincer puzzle independently. He would clap for himself when he successfully put the two pieces together. When he first started learning how to complete it, but wasn’t consistent, I would notice it would sometimes frustrate him. Perhaps I introduced it too early. He also really enjoys rolling the cylinder piece around.

Wood Stacking Stones

During the 11-12 month period, the wood stacking stones are useful for your baby to bang together. As they get older, they will eventually be able to stack them.

Camdyn didn’t get much use out of these because he has stacking buckets that he prefers to bang together instead. Looking back, maybe I shouldn’t have had both items out at the same time. I am going to consider putting the buckets away and seeing if this results in Camdyn interacting in with the stacking stones more.

Final Thoughts on The Thinker Play Kit

Overall, I was super happy with our first LOVEVERY play kit. The Thinker play kit had such great age and developmentally appropriate activities. Items such as The Sliding Top Box and the Pincer Puzzle kept my little guy entertained far longer than any of his other toys. I am actually disappointed we didn’t subscribe to LOVEVERY sooner. Camdyn is so much more engaged when he plays with these toys, and they are also teaching him real life skills at the same time. We are looking forward to receiving The Babbler play kit next. Stay tuned!

Have you tried out LOVEVERY? Are there any other play-based subscriptions you enjoy that we should review? Until next time, XX




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    Hi! After reading your review, I am interested in trying out the kit, but I was wondering if maybe you happened to have a referral code I could use! If not, thanks anyway!!

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