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Montessori Inspired Holiday Gift Guide: 0 – 12 months

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Lately I’ve been into all things Montessori! I’ve been reading up a lot on the Montessori method, and looking at different ways I can incorporate Montessori in the home. I decided to create a Montessori Inspired gift guide for the holidays to help other Montessori mama’s! This gift guide is for babies ages 0 – 12 months, but I will have a 1 – 2 year and 2 -3 year gift guide out soon!


High Contrast Books: For really little ones, high contrast books will really stimulate their minds. They are also great for tummy time! Some of my favourites are:

Board Books: The Montessori method encourages sharing realistic looking pictures and objects with your baby. Around 6 months, your child may start to become really interested in looking at books independently. It is great to start building a little library that is always accessible to them. They will also be really interested in looking at pictures of other babies!

Soft Books: For babies younger than 6 months, soft books are a great choice. They travel really well in the stroller or carseat.


Teething Mittens: Teething mittens are great for helping baby discover their hands and aide with any teething pains. The high contrast design on these Itzy Ritzy mitts is also a bonus.

Teethers: teethers are a MUST for anyone with a little one under 12 months. Look for teethers made of silicone or wood:

Rattle / Teething Grasping Toy: This rattle is easy for baby to grasp and fun for them to chew!

Tummy Time Toys

LOVEVERY Play Gym: I wish that I had discovered this play gym when Camdyn was younger. It includes an organic high contrast ball, a wooden batting ring, a cotton bunny teether, a silicone teething ring, contrast card set, mirror cards, a common objects card set, and a faces card set. There is so many Montessori activities you can do with this play gym!

Tummy Time Mirror: One of my biggest regrets, was that I did not purchase a tummy time mirror! Camdyn HATED tummy time and I really think this would have made my life easier since he loved looking at himself.

Baby Ribbon Ring: Your little one will love grabbing at the colourful strings on this toy.

Sensory Toys

Crinkle Squares: your little one will love discovering the noises that these crinkle squares make!

Object Permanence Box: Sometime after 4 months, babies will begin to understand object permanence. This wooden box will help reinforce that skill.

Wooden Cylinder Rolling Drum: this wooden rolling drum will be great for encouraging your little one to crawl. They will also love shaking the ball that is inside the cylinder.

Playtime Toys

Stacking cups: for babies 6+ months, they will love these stacking cups. They can bang them together or place small objects inside. This is also a gift that will grow with them as eventually they will be able to stack them.

Wooden Knob Puzzles: for this age groups start with a simple knob puzzle with 1 – 3 pieces. They will mostly enjoy practicing their pincer grasp and removing the pieces.

  • Single Shape Puzzle: I really like this puzzle because you can put out one shape at a time. Once your child has mastered a shape, you can introduce a new shape
  • 3 Piece Shape puzzle
  • House Pets: These animals are slightly cartoon-y, but Melissa & Doug is widely available and affordable

Wooden Rainbow Stacker: Babies 6+ months will love taking apart this wooden rainbow stacker. Eventually they will be able to stack the rings.

Activity Walkers: When my little guy turned 7 months, he LOVED being able to walk around with the assistance of his walker. I wish I would’ve discovered Coco Village back when I purchased one of these for my guy.

I hope you found this Montessori Inspired Holiday Gift Guide helpful when picking out gifts for the 0 – 12 month old in your life! Let me know if there is any of your favourite Montessori activities for this age range that I am missing in the comments below. Until next time! XX




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