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Montessori Inspired Holiday Gift Guide: 12 – 24 Months

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Welcome to my Montessori Inspired Holiday Gift Guide for 12 – 24 month old! A lot of these items on this list are on my son’s Christmas list (in 2020) I am really into purposeful play and activities that will help my little one develop his skills. Be sure to also checkout my Montessori gift guides for 0 – 12 month olds and 2 – 3 year olds.

Sorting Activities

Carrot Harvest Sorting Game: This carrot sorting game is super fun for young toddlers! They start out by “picking” the carrots from the slots and as they get older, they will be able to “plant” the carrots in the correct hole. Great for developing motor skills.

Wooden Shape Sorting Cube: This specific shape sorting cube has some complex shapes for the average 12 – 24 month old, but you can simplify this activity by removing some of the more complex shapes. My 13 month old loves just taking all the shapes out of the cub and putting them back in over and over.


5-8 Piece Knob Puzzle: After your toddler starts mastering simple 1-3 piece knob puzzles, you can start introducing 5-8 piece puzzles. Eventually you can choose puzzles without the knobs and ones that just have chunkier pieces. Melissa and Doug has so many great, affordable options.

Stacking Activities

Wooden Rainbow Stacker: These rainbow stackers are a staple in many Montessori homes. The bright colours are captivating to little ones and it is a different type of stacker from the traditional ring stacker.

Flexible Wooden Stacker: If you’re not into the rainbow stackers, you can opt for a more “traditional” ring stacker or a flexible ring stacker. The Simple Ring Stacker i s far easier for younger toddlers, but the flexible Wooden Stacker has a lot more learning potential because you can make so many activities out of it.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Coin Box Posting Activity: Posting activities are great for young toddlers and good for their fine motor skills

Ball Drops: My son has two ball drop toys that he loves. He started using the first one around 10 months or so and was always so proud of himself when he would successfully place the ball in the hole. Even now months later, he always claps for himself. He has the Tiny Love 584 Musical Stacker that we found at OUAC (I am unable to find it anywhere online) and one from LOVEVERY. Here are some other options I was able to find:

Threading Activity: Around 18 months, your toddler may start to become interested in threading activities. These activities require great focus and promote hand-eye coordination. The first link below is more simple and portable since it is just one-piece. We got the Melissa & Doug one for our son for Christmas!

Bead Maze: Bead Mazes are great for helping your toddler develop their hand-eye coordination. As they get older you can use it to help them identify colours and shapes

Language Development

Magnets: magnets are a super fun way to help your toddler learn to identify different objects.

Flashcards: we don’t use flashcards in the traditional sense. I don’t like the idea of quizzing children to help them learn. But we actually had great success with the flashcards because Camdyn was able to pick out the photos he was interested in and show us, and he loved to read them with us

First 100 Books: these books are some over my favourite books for toddler language development. They are simple, contain real world images, and a perfect way to introduce a wide vocabularly

Physical Activities

Balance Board: great for climbing, balancing, rocking – you name it!

Pikler Triangle: great for developing gross motor skills, balance, and risky play

Indoor Playsets: creating a safe place for your little one to safetly explore is a must! Gymnastics mats, slides, large soft blocks and the Nugget/Joey couches are all great options to have in your home if you have the space

Other Playtime Activities

Latch Board: Help your older toddler start practicing using latches and locks with this Melissa & Doug latch board. They will have so much fun mastering the different latches and locks!

Honey Sticks: These Beeswax Crayons are chunky enough for little hands! The Beeswax provides a rich colour with a smooth application.

Musical Instruments: Musical instruments are fun for toddlers of all ages! Having a couple of different instruments that your toddler can rotate and choose from can be lots of fun. This is a great activity that you can do together.

Toddler Shopping Cart: this shopping cart will be a big hit for your little one who loves to push objects around. My toddler loved to fill it up with all his play food, cars, stuffed animals – you name it.

Toy Cars: My guy LOVES cars. He loves the wheels, he loves rolling them all over the house and the walls and different objects. Melissa and Doug have some great wooden and realistic looking options. We got our guy the Town Cars for Christmas to add to his collection.


Reading Tent: Our little one got one of these for his 1st birthday and he just loves it! It’s got a bunch of his little stuffies and board books in there. It’s good to provide your toddlers with a quiet space that is their own during tough moments.

Step Stool: This step stool is a Montessori must have for toddler moms who want to encourage independence when it comes to getting ready to leave the house. It is perfect toddler size for the child to sit down and put on their shoes

LATT Children’s Table: During this time period, it is a great idea to introduce a child sized table and chair set to your toddler. This way they can independently sit down for a snack, or to work on an activity.

FLISAT Table: This is the perfect sensory table for your toddler. A sensory table is so much fun and has endless possibilities for different activities

Learning Tower: a lifesaver for those with children who insist on being in the kitchen while you cook. It is also a great tool to help your toddler get involved in the cooking. You can also choose to use a stool or a chair but I like the learning towers better because a) they have a bar that prevents your child from falling backwards and b) I didn’t want my toddler to get used to standing on the chairs

I hope you enjoyed this Montessori Inspired Holiday Gift Guide for your 12 – 24 month olds! Is there anything that I missed?! Are there any items that are going to end up under your Christmas tree this year? Until next time, XX



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