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Montessori Inspired Holiday Gift Guide for 2-3 Year Olds

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* This Montessori Gift Guide has been updated for 2021 *

Welcome to my Montessori Inspired Holiday Gift Guide for 24 – 36 month olds! If you’re looking for some Montessori inspired gifts for the toddler in your life – look no further! You can read my Montessori Gift Guide for 0 – 12 month olds here, and 12-24 month olds here.


Sort & Stack Peg Puzzle: These peg puzzles are a bit more complex than the simple stacker rings many young babies love. These puzzles require your child to rotate the puzzle pieces and match them with the correct pegs.

Name Puzzle: A name puzzle is a great way to help your little one start to learn their name

Alphabet / Number Puzzles: an easy way to introduce letters and numbers to your toddler

Sorting + Matching

Colour Sorting: around 24 months, your toddler will really become interested in sorting. An easy way to introducing sorting is by having your child start with colour sorting. You can also include tongs to help develop the pincer grasp!

Nuts & Bolts: Toddlers will become really interested in matching and twisting the nuts and bolts. This helps your child develop hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and fine motor skills.

Matching: Similarly to sorting, your toddler is going to love matching! There are so many ways your child can match – from matching pictures, to pictures and objects, to similar objects within a theme.


Easel: perfect for colouring, painting, drawing, writing

Letter tracing boards: help your child begin to learn the letters and how to write them

Practical Life

Learn to Dress Boards: This age is the perfect time to start helping your little one learn to master buttons, zippers, laces and snaps.

  • Individual boards: I like these specific boards, because they are individual boards and so you can put out one at a time. Once your child has mastered buttons for example, you can then put out the zipper board
  • Single Dressing Board: This dressing board is more compact, with all activities on one board. This can be useful for on the go.

Child Sized Cleaning Supplies: There is nothing toddlers love more than participating in daily life. My 14 month old has a mini Swiffer that he could push around for hours. He just loves to clean.

  • Melissa & Doug Dust! Sweep! Mop!: I see this item in many Montessori homes! These are the perfect size for your toddler and are able to get some actual cleaning done (Mixed reviews on the mop though). Leave this out and accessible so your toddler can be more independent.

Mini Pitcher: There are opportunities for both practical life skills and sensory / pretend play with this child size pitcher!

Balance Bike: the Montessori alternative to a tricycle or bike with training wheels

Open Ended Play

Rainbow Peg People: These rainbow peg people are a Montessori staple. They are ambiguous, people – perfect for open ended play. The colours are also great for matching activities.

Magna / Picasso Tiles: Parents love Magna / Picasso tiles! There are endless activities you can do with these from building , to learning math, to sensory activities – you name it.

Play Kitchen & accessories: some hardcore Montessori parents will argue that a kitchen for play is not very Montessori, because it lacks functionality. While I agree to some extent, pretend play is really important in helping your little one develop their imagination and creativity. I try to keep all of the items in my sons play kitchen as realistic as possible (i.e pots and pans made out stainless steal, ceramic dishes that DO break when dropped and thrown etc.)

I hope you enjoyed this Montessori Inspired Holiday Gift Guide for 2 – 3 year olds! I hope you got some great ideas for the Montessori toddler in your life. Until next time, XX



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