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Morphe X Jaclyn Hill: The Vault Collection

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I am a big fan of Jaclyn Hill. She was the first youtuber to get me excited about makeup and the first youtuber to recommend a product that I just HAD to go out and buy (Stila Magnificent Metals Eyeshadows –  I’m talking about you). So OF COURSE I had to purchase her vault collection.


I received the eyeshadow palette she did with Morphe last year for my birthday, and it is still to this day my favourite, go-to palette. The shade range of the shadows is beautiful. This makes it perfect for occasions when I’m travelling and I’m not sure what colours I want to use. The formula is beautiful – the mattes are easy to blend, the shimmers are so smooth and pigmented. So when she announced her vault collection with Morphe back in June I was ECSTATIC.

The concept of the vault, I think, was amazing. I like how she created four smaller palettes with a colour story, based on colours she had left over from the previous collaboration. It was a unique concept that I hadn’t seen before. JH promised it was the exact same formula as the OG palette, so I knew immediately I was going to purchase it.

As many of you likely know, there were “inconsistencies in production” which delayed the Vault launch. JH got on camera and said that Morphe was getting rid of the old product and producing new ones. There was a lot of drama surrounding whether or not people thought this was true due to the timeline of the relaunch being only two months later. When the Vault finally launched in August, I purchased it right away anyways.


I am super happy that Morphe now has a Canadian shipping website. This allows Canadians to view all prices in Canadian dollars (no varying charge based on the exchange rate), and ships within the country without having to worry about additional customs duties.

I was mainly interested in two of the four palettes, so I decided to purchase the full Vault Collection for $64 CDN. Morphe also offers free shipping on orders of $60 CDN or more, so I didn’t use an additional discount code for 10 percent off (which you could’ve) in order to still get the free shipping. I didn’t feel like purchasing anything else from them.

I knew after just swatching the shadows that they were no where near the quality level of the OG JH X Morphe palette. The swatches of the mattes were patchy, the shimmers didn’t appear to be as creamy. As many people argue, swatches are not totally predictive of the quality of a shadow – but I knew the formula of The Vault palettes were not the exact same as the original Jaclyn Hill Palette.

I have fought with these palettes on numerous occasions. I really wanted to love the Ring the Alarm and Armed and Gorgeous palettes. The mattes were not super pigmented, and extremely hard to blend. Not matter what brushes I seemed to use, I seemed to struggle blending the colour nice and evenly. I really needed to pack on the pigment to get even the slightest colour payoff.

The shimmers were okay – there was nothing spectacular about them. They were not that pigmented, even when applied with the finger. There was no “wow” factor about these shadows.

I normally only prime my lids with concealer, and I don’t usually have a problem. But I noticed that these shadows did not appear to hold up after a work day. I even tried using an eyeshadow primer (Urban Decay), and I didn’t find that that made any difference.


This collaboration was a disappointment. I love Jaclyn Hill and Morphe, but I doubt I will be purchasing any other collaborations that they have in the future.  Luckily, Morphe now has a Canadian website so the entire collection cost only $70 CAD with free shipping. It still was a giant waste of money,

Did you purchase The Vault collection? Did you have a different experience? Let me know! XO.




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