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Newborn Essentials: 0-3 Months

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As a first time mom, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out some of the newborn essentials you need for your baby. When I was putting together my baby registry, I consulted MANY of blog posts and Youtube videos in order to curate the perfect list. It can definitely be a little overwhelming setting up your registry for your baby shower. I have put together a list of the items that I have USED during Camdyn’s first three months of life to hopefully help other mamas.

I left out some basic items such as clothes, towels, washcloths, and bibs. Additionally, I included some items that you can definitely do without, but that I found to be extremely useful with Camdyn.

You can watch my full newborn essentials video on Youtube, but all of the items mentioned in my video are linked below!

Bedtime Essentials

Essential items to help your bedtime routine go smoothly! It is important to establish a nighttime routine with your little one early. Have a bath, sing a song, read a book – little things to help your little one wind down for the night.

Travel Essentials

Essential items for on-the-go! Leaving the house will now take twice as long as it did before. Help smoothen the transition by ensuring you have all the necessities you need.

Diapering Essentials

Diapering essentials to help make you a pro at changing diapers. Newborns go through 10 diapers a day on average! These items help prepare you for all the diaper changes ahead.

Feeding Essentials

Whether you plan to breast or bottle feed your baby – these items are feeding must haves.

Bathing Essentials

Between blow outs, spit up, and drool – you want to ensure you have these bathing essentials to help clean up any baby messes.

At Home Essentials

These at home essentials will help you get through day to day life with your newborn.

I hope this list was useful to you – whether your a first time mom-to-be or a veteran mama! These were the items that helped me survive the first three months of mama life. What were some of your newborn essentials? Until next time – XX.

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