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November 2018 BoxyCharm Review

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It’s that time of the month again! Time to review my November BoxyCharm subscription box. If you don’t already know – Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box available for $21USD (+ $5USD shipping for us Canadians). Each month you will receive four to five full sized products, with the total price of the box typically valuing over $100. Read my in-depth review of the Boxycharm subscription service here. Subscribe to Boxy charm here

This months box theme was Goal Digger. I thought that this theme was cute and inspiring, and the marketing surrounding this boxes theme was very cute. Despite the Canada Post rotating strike my box arrived around the normal time. I didn’t receive a tracking email for this months box though, which is kind of annoying. 

Ace Beauté Grandiose Eyeshadow Palette

The colour scheme of this palette is very trendy in my opinion. These colours are in right now. If you’re someone that’s a little nervous with working with colour, the Grandiose Eyeshadow palette is a great place to start – that is, if you like pink/cranberry shades. The pan size of these shadows are nice, but the packaging isn’t exactly my favourite. 

I was very drawn to the colours of this palette, particularly the shades Myrtle, Poppy, and Cinnamon. The mattes in this palette are really powdery. I find that there is a little bit more than normal amount of kickback in this palette – which isn’t necessarily the worst thing, just something to be aware of. The mattes aren’t necessarily the most pigmented, but they certainly are buildable. This makes the palette relatively beginner friendly. The shimmers in this palette may actually be some of the best I have ever worked with. I normally apply shimmers with a wet brush, but I find I always end up needing to finish off my look by using my fingers. I don’t necessarily mind this step though. However, when I first applied the shade Myrtle to my lid using a wet brush, I was extremely impressed with the payoff. I didn’t find there was unnecessary fall out with this shade either. I hate when my under eye area gives covered with shimmer.

Overall this was a big hit for me!
COST: CDN $33.20 / USD $24.99
RATING: 9/10

Cover FX Glitter Drops in Nova

I was super excited when I saw that these were going to be in this months box – but I think I had them confused with the custom enhancer drops. These are ridiculously glittery. The colour is really pretty, but I tried wearing this as a highlighter and it looked like a glitter bomb exploded on my face. The glitter is chunky and nothing like a nice natural glow. 

I’ve read that a lot of people mix this with their foundation to give them a more dewy look. I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m not sure that I want too. I have no idea how it would look good. These drops will be perfect for the summertime when I want to add a little shimmer to my shoulders and décolletage. It just sucks because I don’t see this product having much of a purpose right now.

COST: CAD $54.00 / USD $44.00

Lashaholic Lashes Instagram False Eyelashes

I’m not a false lashes person. I love the look of them, but I don’t wear them very often. The House of Lashes falsies we received in the August Boxycharm are still in the package untouched.  The lashes are really soft and fluttery looking. The band is thin which I do like. I would say that these lashes are more glam than natural. Other than that there is not much I can say for this product

COST: CAD ~$19.65 / USD $14.99
RATING: 6/10

Luxie Luminous Eye Set 

Brushes are one of my favourite things to receive in my Boxycharm. It is such an inexpensive way to grow your brush collection.

I love the gold detailing of these brushes. They’re super soft and precise, which make them perfect for detailed eye looks. For everyday – these are not the kind of brushes that I reach for. I prefer big, fluffy brushes for everyday makeup looks; however, detailed eye brushes definitely have a purpose in your collection. These brushes did a good job of packing on & blending out product. 

COST: CAD ~ $39.50 / USD $30.00

Jontebleu Glitter Star Eyeliner 

I’m not particularly a fan of pencil eyeliner. I will admit that I think this glitter liner is a unique idea, but I will probably never use this product. This liner did feel creamy, and the silver sparkles were neat to look at. But I don’t know why someone would want eyeliner that is black with silver specs in it.

COST: CAD ~ $7.00 / USD $5.00
RATING: 2/10


I ended up being a lot more disappointed in this months box than I expected. I would’ve really liked to get the box variation that included the Bodyography Makeup Brush Cleanser and tweezers because at least I would’ve used the items. But at the end of the day – the reason I subscribe to Boxycharm is so I can try new beauty products, inexpensively. With the palette, brushes, & glitter drops (that will get used eventually) – I definitely made my money back.

What was your thoughts on this months box? Love it or hate it – comment down below! Until next time, xo. 



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