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4 Months Post-Baby: What Does My Body Look Like

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I got pregnant a year ago. On January 23rd, I finally got a positive pregnancy test after suspecting it for over a week. It’s crazy how much my body has been through in the past year. I am so proud of it. My body nourished my sweet baby boy and helped him grow to a healthy 7lbs and 15oz at birth. It allowed me to work, complete two semesters of school, and a practicum within that same time frame. It helped me have the natural, unmedicated, vaginal birth just like I had wanted.

My body and I have always had a love-hate relationship (as do most of us I’m sure). I could always be a “few pounds lighter” or “a little toner” or “lose a few inches here”. I could still look at my body in that way – and at times I do – but I’ve chosen to celebrate the life that it gave me and how far it has come in the past year.

I think that as mothers, we have an extremely unrealistic expectation of what our bodies should look like after having a baby. A lot of us yearn to have our pre-baby bodies back months, even weeks after giving birth. We forget to take a step back and recognize that it took our bodies nine whole months (give or take) to create our littles! Our organs moved to create space for their bodies, our hips expanded to make way for their entrance to the world – our bodies were MADE for this.

Often times we see touched up images on social media of women after they’ve had their babies. Things such as lightening, position, clothing and all that can change our perception of what someone looks like. Heck, I am definitely guilty of posting my best angle photos in my 6 week postpartum blog post.

But I’ve decided this time I want to be raw and REAL. When I filmed this video I felt great! Editing this video however, I had some doubts. What are people going to think? What will they say? Looking at the footage I had some doubts about how my body looked. But I’ve pushed those thoughts aside and decided I want to share some #postpartumrealness today.

Check out the video on Youtube. If you’re experiencing a postpartum journey of your own, remember that your journey is yours and it’s beautiful. Whether it’s been one month, six months, a year or even three since you gave birth – it is still your postpartum journey. Be kind to your body. It gave you life.




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