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September 2021 BoxyCharm Base Box Review

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Another month – another BoxyCharm review! Welcome to my September 2021 BoxyCharm Base Box Review. This month’s base box has a total value of $160.00! BoxyCharm is a monthly makeup subscription that costs $25USD (+$5 shipping if you are in Canada like me). Interested in trying out BoxyCharm? Use my referral link here.

This month’s theme was “BTS (behind the scenes)”. Each month BoxyCharm gives their base subscribers one choice item in their box. For September, subscribers had a choice between the Blinc Cosmetics Glow Getter Face Palette or GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD Glow Stimulating & Exfoliating Treatment Mask. Keep on reading to find out what products I received in my July 2021 BoxyCharm base box.

GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD Glow Stimulating & Exfoliating Treatment Mask

This mask is a skin transforming clay mud mask that intensely exfoliates for softer, smoother, and more glowing skin. I am a big fan of GLAMGLOW products, and they are a frequent item in BoxyCharm boxes.

The mask smells amazing. It reminds me a lot of an exfoliator, except you apply it and leave it on for 10 minutes. It dries and hardens pretty quickly. The treatment mask definitely left my skin feeling smoother afterwards, but I’m honestly unsure of what the benefit of this mask is over using a regular exfoliator.

COST: USD $60.00 / CAD $78.00 (on

Half Caked Best Friends Forever Duo

This duo comes with a duo fiber brush and an in bloom pressed blush. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of this brand so I was excited to try it out. This duo fiber brush was cuatom created for powder blush application and is 100% synthetic. The blush is primer-infused to help the blush apply with ease and blend out smoothly.

The brush is not the type of brush I typically used for blush. I prefer a dense, round blush and this one was a lot thinner. The blush is super pigmented, and a little definitely goes a long way. I found it difficult to blend out with the brush that came in the duo, and had better success using a beauty blender. The blush is definitely more red than I prefer, so I am not sure how much use I will get from either of these items.

COST: USD $22.00 / ~$27.00 CAD (based on current exchange rate)

Lala Beauty Everyday Mascara

This brand is another new one for me. As I’ve said before – mascara’s are one of my favourite items to receive in BoxyCharm because of how much use I get out of them. This everyday mascara has a silione wand that is supposed to help lengthen, enhance, and volumize lashes. It claims to have no clumping, smudging or flaking.

The wand is a good size. I liked the simplicity of the packaging. Their website says a few coats will create a glam look which I found t o be false. This mascara gives a very subtle, natural look. Reminds me a lot of the look that natural lash extensions offer. My lashes were definitely longer, but not at all volumized. This mascara is definitely not my favourite.

COST: $20.00 USD / ~ $25.00 CAD (based on current exchange rate)

Elemis Cleansing Butter

This cleansing butter melts away makeup and impurities to leave skin looking healthy, fresh, and glowing. It contains fermented pumpkin enzymes, acerola cherry, mango butter, and chia seed oil. These ingredients help brighten, nourish, and hydrate the skin. This cleansing butter can apparently be used as a daily cleanser, a deep cleansing mask, or makeup remover. I have used a couple Elemis products in the past, and they haven’t really been my favourite.

This cleanser smells exactly like pumpkin guts and I have to say that is not my favourite. The texture also reminds me of pumpkin guts. The cleansing butter was super smooth. It definitely left my skin feeling smooth and clean, but I didn’t find it to be super hydrating. While there isn’t anything wrong with this cleansing butter per se, it’s definitely not my favourite.

COST: USD $38.00 / ~ $47.00 CAD (based on current exchange rate)

Pinky Rose Cosmetics Duo Hip Hop & Jazz Base Stick

I was not at all thrilled about this product. Everything from the name, to the packaging, to the products themselves just seem cheap to me.

The base sticks work ok. They blend out ok. They look ok. Everything about it is just ok. I won’t get much – if any – use out of them at all.

COST: USD $20.00 / ~$25.00 CAD (based on the current exchange rate)

Final Thoughts On TheSeptember 2021 BoxyCharm Base Box

Overall, the September 2021 BoxyCharm Base Box was a dud for me. Aside from the GLAMGLOW Exfoliator, I probably won’t get much use out of the items received in this month’s box. I am contemplating taking a break from BoxyCharm in the new year. As much as I love testing out new products and writing these reviews, I think it may be time for a break. We shall see. The value of this month’s box was $160.00 USD / Also not all of these products I cannot easily buy in Canada, which is something I really love about BoxyCharm. What products did you receive in this months box?! Until next time, XX.



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