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Spring Inspired Montessori Easter Gift Guide

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Welcome to my Spring Inspired Montessori Easter Gift Guide! This guide contains a bunch of my favourite Montessori activities for infants and toddlers with a little bit of a spring twist. This makes these gift items PERFECT for Easter, but you can really use this guide for any occasion.


The Montessori Method prefers books with real-life and realistic images that the child can relate too. Easter is such a good time to bring out all the spring books and teach your toddler about the season.

  • Touch N Feel “Spring!” – Priddy books have some of my favourite books for infants and toddlers. Their books are simple, the images are beautiful and realistic, and they are great for language development. For infants and younger toddler, the sensory touch and feel aspect of this Spring book will be a hit
  • Touch N Feel “Easter”: Similar to above – but this book is Easter themed
  • Baby Loves Spring: This life the flap book is great fun for toddlers and will help teach them about spring and all the fun things that come with it
  • All About Weather: This book is great for teaching older toddlers about the different seasons
  • Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring: These books are super adorable and feature a little boy and his dog experiencing Winter turning into Spring!
  • What Should I Wear: This activity book come with a little doll that you can place inside different outfits within the story. It can be great for teaching your child how to dress appropriate in different situations (ie. swimming, bedtime, when it’s cold)
  • Making Faces: This is a great book for teaching. your infant or toddler about emotions
  • First 100 Words: This is one of my favourite books for toddlers. It is great for language development and a must have for any parent of a toddler!

Open Ended Play

  • Food Groups: I just love these wooden food groups from Melissa and Doug. They are such good quality and will definitely last us a long time. Great for pretend play as well as food identification and learning the food groups
  • Rainbow Stacker: This classic Montessori toy fits in perfectly with the spring theme for Easter! There are so many different things that can be done with this: stacking, building, colour identification, and can be used perfectly with with wooden peg dolls for open ended play
  • Rainbow Peg People: Another classic Montessori item – these ambiguous, neutral peg people are perfect for open-ended play as well as colour matching activities
  • Rainbow Balancing Stones: Can be used for open-ended play, balancing/stacking, and colour identification

Language Development

  • Wooden Emotion Cards: Great for helping your child learn and identify different emotions so that they can better communicate with you
  • Weather Flash Cards: Flash cards are one of my favourite things to purchase for my toddler. They are a great way to help them learn and identify new words and objects
  • Animal Magnets: Sun a fun (and more durable way) to help your toddler learn to identify animals

Outdoor Activities

  • Wooden Bowling Pins: I love these wooden bowling pins! A perfect outdoor, spring activity (or indoor if your space allows) that will teach your child hand eye coordination and is something you can do together
  • Balance Bike: Consider skipping the tricycle and purchase your toddler a balance bike this Easter!
  • Toddler Sized Watering Can: Allow your toddler to get involved with the gardening and taking care of the house plants with this toddler sized watering can
  • Gardening Tools: These gardening tools are the perfect size for little hands.

Fine Motor Skills

  • Carrot Harvest: This fun carrot harvest game requires your child to match the carrots with the correct hole sizes. It is great for hand-eye coordination and you can even use the carrots for pretend play! (ie. a planting/harvesting sensory activity)
  • Beehive Sorting Game: This activity is not only great for colour matching, but the tongs are perfect for helping your little one refine their grasp that is required for holding a pencil
  • Watermelon Threading Activity: This watermelon threading is great for on-the-go
  • Magnetic Fishing Game: These magnetic fish have the alphabet on them to help your child learn their letters. It’s also great for developing hand eye coordination
  • Animal Jigsaw Puzzles: This 6 pack of animal jigsaw puzzles are a step up from your basic wooden knob puzzle. These require a bit more problem solving
  • Balancing Cactus: Your child will have so much fun getting to stack the pieces of the cacti, eventually understanding the balance required to keep the cacti from falling over
  • Farm Animal Balance: This activity requires problem solving and critical thinking in order for your child to stack all the animals on the farm without them tipping over

Counting, Sorting & Matching

  • Matching Eggs: These eggs come in a little carton just like real eggs! On the inside, there are different colours/shapes that your child can practice matching together. The eggs make it a super appropriate Easter present
  • Farmer’s Market Colour Sorting: This colour sorting activity can help your child with their colour recognition as well as food identification. It can also double as pretend play food
  • Bird Nest Colour Sorting: Similarly to the Farmer’s Market Colour Sorting activity, but a little bit more simple (and spring themed!)

I hope you found my Montessori Easter Gift Guide useful for finding the perfect Spring Inspired Easter Gift for your little one! Let me know if I introduced you to a new item OR if there is something you think would be a perfect addition to this gift guide. Don’t forget to share with this with the other Montessori parents in your life. Until next time –

Montessori Easter Gift Guide



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