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Third Trimester Update

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Hello! I am back with a little pregnancy update – I have made it to the third trimester! Can you believe it? Cause I can’t. It’s crazy to think that 30 weeks have gone by since the start of my pregnancy. We are getting down to the final stages…

You can watch the video for my third trimester update on Youtube here. Or if watching video’s aren’t your thing, just keep on reading.


Ah, the dreaded pregnancy symptoms. Some of the wonderful things that I have experienced since my 20 week update: 

  • Leg cramps: these suckers send me VIOLENTLY FLYING out of bed from a dead sleep. They are horrific, sometimes will happen in both legs simultaneously, and the only relief is to stretch out the muscles
  • Lower back/pelvic pain: if I stand too long my back hurts. My pelvis has been shifting lately which makes it uncomfortable to walk. 

  • Swelling: if I sit for too long my feet start to look like sausages. I have also since had to remove my engagement ring for fear it was going to get stuck on my finger

  • Heartburn: I *thankfully* don’t experience heartburn very often. But it sucks. And I can’t drink orange juice

  • Dry skin: my skin is dry, flakey, and horrible 

  • Wild hair: since I got pregnant, my hair CANNOT be tamed. Flyaways all the time. I don’t know where they came from
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  • Anatomy scan: I found out that baby is in the 74th percentile in terms of weight. Baby also refused to open their fists

  • Gestational diabetes screening: Thankfully this came back negative. HOWEVER. No one warned me that your body can go into sugar shock. I felt as though I was going to faint and vomit at the same time. I was also left with a massive headache.

  • Iron levels: Since I was anemic pre-pregnancy, it was no surprise to learn that my iron levels were dangerously low now. I have since upped my iron supplements to try and prevent problems during delivery

  • TDAP vaccination: In Canada, it has become a recommendation that women get the TDAP vaccination during pregnancy due to recent outbreaks in whooping cough. The idea is that it will pass on antibodies to the baby through the placenta in order to help strengthen their immune system after birth. A precaution that could possibly save my baby’s life? Now that’s a no brainer. 


I have been blessed with a couple of concerns over the past few weeks:

  • Distasis Recti: my abdominal muscles have separated (as do 2/3’s of pregnant women) so I am supposed to avoid using the muscles until the end of my pregnancy. You don’t realize how hard this is until you are told you can’t use them. This also causing some pain in my abdomen every once in a while 

  • Pyelonephritis: aka a kidney infection. I had an asymptomatic UTI that went to my kidney’s, which resulted in a nice 2 day hospital stay. I woke up one night in the middle of the night with severe flank pain. Blood tests & an ultrasound later – I learned my kidney’s were inflamed. The problem with that, is that pyelonephritis is known for causing pre-term labour, so baby and I needed to be monitored while receiving IV antibiotics

  • Baby is measuring ahead?!: At my last appointment at 30 weeks + 4 days, my uterus is was measuring 34cm. If I am still measuring a significant amount ahead at my next appointment, I will need to go for an ultrasound to figure out why. Massive baby? Too much amniotic fluid? Incorrect due date? To be determined…

Prepping for baby

As we get closer to the due date, I start to panic a little more about being ready for their arrival. Thankfully things have started to come together. So far we have most of our big ticket items thanks to our SUPER generous families, the nursery is painted, and we’re in the process of getting the rest of our stuff in order. Don’t worry – a nursery tour is on it’s way!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my third trimester update! It seems like it wasn’t that long ago I hit the first trimester and this moment seemed to be so far away… I’ve currently got a couple of posts in the works – but August is going to be a busy month with baby showers, childbirth education classes, and our maternity photoshoot! Until next time, xox.



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