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Thrifted VS New Clothing

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How much can we really save when purchasing clothing items second hand? I recently had a huge haul from Once Upon a Child. If you don’t know what Once Upon a Child is, it is a children’s second hand clothing chain. They purchase pre-loved, but well taken care of clothing from parents and sell it back to the community at lower prices. I love purchasing second hand for a number of reasons. First of all, it is far more sustainable for the environment. And second, children’s clothing items – especially infant clothing – often are in really great shape when thrifted because they are only worn a handful of times before they are outgrown.

 Whenever I am needing new clothing for C, I head into my local OUAC and pick up whatever pieces I can find. Don’t get me wrong, I love buying new – but there is just something special about finding great pre-loved items.

How much money do you really save buying second hand? Well I found out for you! I picked up a number of fall items – for under $50 total – and compared that to how much I would’ve spent had I purchase the same or similar item brand new (Note: all prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise specified)

Tommy Hilfiger Sweater

First up, I found this ADORABLE Tommy Hilfiger sweater. I love seeing my little man in little cable knit sweaters. I really love the striped colour blocks / chunky ombré effect of this sweater. The material is thick and warm for fall.

OUAC had this sweater for $6.00. But, they have this really awesome program called the “New Moms Club” for – you guessed it – new moms. You get some pretty amazing perks such as free gifts or special discounts. On the particular day that I went shopping, all of their items sized 12 months and under were 50% off! So I ended up getting this piece for just $3.00.

The closest thing I was able to find new, was this Solid Cardigan. It is made out of similar material, and is listed on the Tommy Hilfiger website for $36.50.


Nautica Polo Shirt

Next up, we have this cute Nautica striped polo. I love having a polo or two on hand in the off chance we have a dinner with family. But he doesn’t usually wear them often enough to justify paying full price. I really love the colour combo of this polo and I can see the blue really bringing out C’s eye colour. I purchased this piece for $3.00, and since this was in the size 18m, there was no discount.

A Nautica striped polo goes for $47.75 on their website, but they were having 50% off. So let’s say we got it for $23.87. I can’t find any sizes under 2T online, so an infant polo *may* be slightly cheaper.


Children’s Place Sweater

This blue and white striped sweater from The Children’s Place was definitely another one of my favourite finds. It is such an oversized, slouchy fit which is super fun! I got this sweater for $6.00.

I wasn’t able to find a crewneck sweater on the Children’s Place website. But this quarter zip pull-over sweater on their website is priced at $34.95. At the time of writing this article, they also had 40% off so let’s say we got it for the sale price of $20.97.


H&M Halloween Graphic Long-Sleeve

I love purchasing themed shirts like this one second hand, because C will really only get about a month and a half of wear out of it. This long sleeve pumpkin shirt is from H&M and was priced at $3.00, but we got it for $1.50!

I found this exact shirt on the H&M website for $6.99! While that is still relative inexpensive, you really can’t beat the $1.50 price tag I paid.


Nautica Dark Wash Jeans

I love little toddler jeans! But they are not the most practical clothing item for playing and exploring. Still I like to have a pair or two on hand and when I purchase them second hand, I don’t feel as bad if they don’t get as many wears. I got these jeans for $2.00!

A dark wash pair of toddler jeans from the Nautica website costs $52.39! They were 50% off making them $26.20, which is still a lot of money for an item that may only get a couple of wears.


Carter’s Half Zip Sweater

C had a similar sweater like this when he was 3 months old, and I was obsessed with it! This is such a little old man sweater. I also love this red colour for fall. I was able to get this sweater for $5.00.

A half-zip sweater on the Carter’s website goes for $30.00


Retro Nike Track Jacket

I just loved this retro looking so so so much! I loved the blue and red colour combo. They only had this in size 12 month which is C’s current size that he has almost outgrown, but it was so cute I could not pass on it! I ended up getting this sweater for $4.00.

This track set from Foot Locker is the closet thing I can find to the retro jacket, in terms of material. The set is sold for $45.00, but we’ll take half off since I only had the jacket ($22.50)


Levi Jeans

How cute are this little Levi jeans?! I am obsessed with seeing my little guy in these jeans with like a basic white tee? It is such a classic look. I got these jeans for $4.50! Such a steal.

Baby Levi’s cost $24.99 on the Hudson’s Bay website.


This is only a handful of the items that I thrifted and I saved $161.12!!! That is such an insane amount of money. All the more reason for you to check out your local thrift shop when stocking up your child’s wardrobe for the season.

Share with me your favourite thrift shop find! Did you enjoy this blog post? Let me know down below. Until next time, XX.



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