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What’s In My Toddler’s Easter Basket

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With Easter less than a week away, I thought it would be appropriate to share what items I chose for my toddler’s easter basket this year. I love seeing what other parents put in their children’s baskets, so now it’s my turn! I tried to chose a variety of items including toys, practical items, and of course – a little bit of chocolate. You can read what I put in his basket last year here. You can also find more spring inspired Montessori Easter gifts here.

Easter 2021

Bubble Machine + Bubbles: This was our “big” gift this year. My son loves bubbles and I think a bubble machine is a great way to encourage some activity outside. He is still young enough that he is entertained just by walking outdoors, the bubbles can encourage him to run, jump, and “pop” the bubbles! This machine is great because you can plug it in or use batteries.

Hands Are Not for Hitting Book: While I would’ve loved to get my little guy some spring themed books, I thought this was was a bit more appropriate right now. My son is only 18 months, so he sometimes has a lot of big feelings that he finds difficult to express. This book gives some great examples of what is appropriate to do with our hands, and what’s not (hitting).

50 First French-English Words Flash Cards: I love flash cards because I think they are great for language development! My toddler loves pointing out the images and identifying the objects he knows and flipping through them. We decided to get another set to help teach him some French words. We laminate them to make them a little more durable.

Boat Bath Toys: These bath toys are great because they don’t store water and create mold. They also stack nicely and are fun for colour identification.

Rainbow Peg Dolls (coming soon!): These rainbow peg dolls are fantastic for open ended and sensory play, colour matching and identification, and counting. I see so many great opportunities with these little guys in the future.

Electric Toothbrush: I think it is a good time to introduce my toddler to an electric toothbrush. The one I got him has Peppa Pig on it so I know he is just going to love it!

Egg Shaped Sidewalk Chalk (dollartree): The large size of this chalk is going to be perfect for my toddler’s little hands. I thought the egg shape was fun for Easter.

Bunny Ears (dollartree): a fun little add-on to the Easter basket! I love taking themed photos, so putting the ears in the Easter basket is a great way to make sure that I don’t forget.

Carrot Shaped Eggs (dollartree): I’m going to put a few of the peg people in here for our Easter egg hunt! They are a fun alternative to chocolate or candy and will be just as exciting for Camdyn to find.

Clothes: A summer outfit (Levi’s from Winners) and pj’s (TML from Walmart) were the perfect way to round up my toddler’s 2021 Easter Basket.

What’s in your child’s Easter basket this year? Let me know! Until next time – xx.



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