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What’s in My 6 Month Old’s Easter Basket

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I definitely did not imagine spending Camdyn’s first Easter quarantined at home. My heart is heavy because we were supposed to be spending this weekend with my parents. I haven’t seen them in over a month, which has been hard. I know we are all in the same boat.

Regardless, Connor and I decided we are going to celebrate Easter at home the best we can. Connor will make a ham, and we will sit down as a family of 3 on Easter Sunday instead. We purchased a few small items for Camdyn’s Easter basket, along with the ‘bigger’ item we had purchased prior to all of this social distancing stuff.

Now – what do you put in a 6 month old’s Easter basket?! Our options were limited because we ordered everything pretty much from Amazon. And due to Amazon’s shipping priorities, I only selected items that would arrive in time for Easter.

Check out our ‘What’s in our 6 months old Easter basket’ video on youtube.

6 Month Old Easter Basket Ideas

First, a local mom in my community made the custom basket and bunny with his name and date on it. Connor and I liked the idea of supporting someone local during this time, as well as it was a fun little keepsake for Camdyn.

This adorable rabbit teether was a perfect addition to his holiday basket. Camdyn has plenty of teethers, but this was fun, cute, and Easter themed.

We chose this sweet little hedgehog rattle/roll around toy because it is the perfect kind of toy Camdyn is into at the moment. It will be easy for him to grab, and when you shake it, it makes noise.

Similarly to the hedgehog, this little car toy is easy to grab. We liked the car because eventually we will be able to help Camdyn learn to push it across the floor.

I had been meaning to purchase some blocks for Camdyn, so Easter was the perfect excuse. These blocks are soft and squishy – perfect for teaching Camdyn to stack items. They will also be useful for identifying colours, numbers, and animals.

This item ended up being a bit of an accident. I wanted a musical item for Camdyn, and came across this Classic Rainmaker Toy. However, upon receiving it in the mail – it was a lot bigger than I thought and actually intended for toddlers 18 months plus. Either way, we will still get use of this.

The final item we purchased (our ‘bigger’ item) was this Step 2 two seater wagon. It was on sale for $50 bucks which was a great deal. I had envisioned pulling Camdyn in this little wagon at the zoo this summer with his little bucket hat on.

Even though this is not the Easter we had envisioned, I am determined to make the most of it. I can’t wait to share Camdyn’s Easter photos with you all. Until next time, XO.



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