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Why We’re Team Green

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UPDATE September 2019: We managed to stay team green throughout our entire pregnancy! During my anatomy scan, I told the ultrasound tech that I didn’t want to know the sex of the baby. They ended up blacking out the sex on the report that was sent to my midwives. This made me really happy because there was no chance of the sex accidentally being revealed – and it made it harder for me to change my mind.

I decided to allow my partner to decide if he wanted to find out baby’s sex ahead of time. Dad’s don’t get a lot of choice during pregnancy and I wanted to allow him to feel included. I have always wanted to wait until the birth to find out the sex of my baby for a number of reasons. But I gave my partner the choice in case he thought that finding out would allow him to bond better with the baby. Lucky for me – he decided he wants to wait! So we’re team green!

1. The sex doesn’t really matter to us

Since this is our first baby, it really doesn’t matter to us whether or not we have a boy or a girl. We both would like one of each, so what does it matter who comes first? After our miscarriage in December, we just really want a happy, and healthy baby.

2. We prefer gender neutral items

Don’t get me wrong – once baby is born I can guarantee that we will buy more gender specific items. But I find that once people know what you’re having, it is like an explosion of pink frilly dresses or blue dinosaur/race car pj’s. I like the idea of having more gender neutral clothing items that we can accessorize once baby is born. Then we can also reuse them if/when we have more babies!

Watch my gender neutral clothing haul here.

This also goes for the nursery. We have picked out neutral furniture, neutral decorations, neutral colours etc. that we will be able to use again in the future.

3. It’s more fun this way!

Not finding out the sex of the baby has a lot of people in our life stressed out. My mother thinks that we should at least tell her so she can buy more things for her grandbaby. It’s actually a lot harder than you’d think. Baby stores and sections are always divided up into boys and girls sections so it can be hard to find gender neutral items.

It’s also fun to hear people’s guesses on what they think baby is based on old wives tales. My mother thinks girl because the heart rate was 161 and 163 during the first two ultrasounds. As my belly expands, I expect that people will make comments based on how I am carrying and the size of my bump.

4. There’s always a chance that the ultrasound is read incorrectly

It doesn’t happy often, but sometimes people are told they are having a boy or girl and are shocked when the opposite comes out. Babies don’t always like to cooperate in the womb – I know I didn’t, I refused to uncross my legs. Sometimes it can look like there may be a certain body part (or lack of). So we might as well wait until baby arrives and find out for sure!

Boy or girl? #teamgreen

I’ll admit, I’ve been tempted to find out. Pretty much everything I have bought for baby thus far is grey, grey and more grey because that’s all I can find that is neutral. Also we keep calling baby it, I would really like to start calling baby by their name (we have a boy name already – which we’re also keeping a secret).

Did you find out the sex before baby arrived or were you team green? Why or why not? Until next time, xo.




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